Windows Operating System Monitoring

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Windows Operating System Monitoring

Itheon Windows Monitoring covers every version of Windows available in the market to an unrivalled depth. Out of the box all the parts of a Windows Operating System are monitored using every available data source. This range and depth of monitoring leads to the ability to monitor everything that runs on a Windows server.

Itheon also has all the major marquee applications under its umbrella

Example Applications

  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • VMware
  • Active Directory
  • Citrix
  • IIS
  • Apache
  • Terminal Services
  • Bespoke applications

Itheon Monitors anything
So many key applications are core and critical to our businesses today. Itheon specialises in the bespoke and less widespread applications that make your business run. Itheon has the flexibility to neet the diversity of the modern monitoring landscape.

Take Action
Itheon doesn't simply present you with problems, it automates the solution. When Ithron finds an issue it can take actions such as:

  • Executing commands
  • Executing an application
  • Clearing disks
  • Restarting a service

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