Third Party Software Maintenance

AIX and IBM i software maintenance for unsupported IBM Power machines
Keeping your IBM Power operating systems up to date, at peak performance

Blue Chip’s third-party software maintenance keeps your legacy IBM i, and AIX optimised, covering all operating system versions and releases installable on IBM machines from pre-POWER4 to POWER7. We have amassed over three decades of experience on the IBM Power Systems range, dating back to the days of OS/400 and i5/OS.

We have a working knowledge of these platforms, through owning and running them within our cloud service, the largest of its kind in Europe. Which means we are best positioned to provide you with support from bug fixes, configuration advice and housekeeping, as well as consultancy when required.

Providing best in class third party software maintenance



IBM iYour opportunity to significantly reduce costs and embrace flexibility begins here, as our service unbundles software maintenance from your hardware maintenance. Blue Chip’s experience with the IBM i operating system includes the eras of AS/400 and IBM PureSystems.

Hundreds of companies around the world are using the advantages of Blue Chip’s Legacy Software Maintenance:

  • 24/7 access to world-class IBM i expertise
  • Coverage of all IBM i versions from 5.3 to 7.2
  • Delivery from UK-based Blue Chip employees


AIXWe’re ready to provide competitive quotes to address AIX software support on your business-critical servers. You can introduce a greater degree of flexibility, as our service unbundles software maintenance from your hardware maintenance. Blue Chip’s experience with the AIX operating system dates to the time of RS/6000, and includes the pSeries.

The advantages of Blue Chip’s Legacy Software Maintenance have been established worldwide, for hundreds of companies:

  • 24/7 access to AIX expertise
  • Coverage of all AIX versions from 4.3 to 7.2
  • Delivery from Blue Chip employees based in the UK
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Post-warranty maintenance for your data centre

Here's our downloadable PDF, detailing the brands and models we can support in your IT hardware estate.
Third party maintenance on IBM Power Systems

Our approach to Legacy Software Maintenance

Through years of hands-on experience with AIX and IBM i operating systems, we can deliver 24/7 software maintenance support to cover officially unsupported platforms.

Our team of IBM Power System specialists has a collective experience which spans more than 300 years. They work with a diverse set of customers, who have highly unique requirements that range from the oldest versions of operating systems right up to the very latest. We say with confidence that there is nothing relating to AIX, i5/OS or Linux that our team have not seen before or cannot help you with.

Your answer to any operating system question is just one phone call away.

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