Operating sustainably is important to us
We’ve achieved a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.1 for our data centres

At Blue Chip, being green and eco-friendly is incredibly important to us. We understand that data centres require a huge amount of power, which can cause a negative impact on the environment. That is why we have built, what we feel is, one of the most energy efficient data centres in the UK, using EcoCooling and regularly offsetting carbon emissions. We live and breathe our green credentials through the management of our facilities, green initiatives, and offsetting our carbon footprint.

We're commited to minimising our impact on the environment

To reinforce our dedication to sustainability and green IT credentials, we have attained ISO:14001 Environmental Management certification. This provides a framework for management and best practice to help organisations minimise their environmental footprint and make them more sustainable.

Furthering our commitment to preserving the planet, we plant trees to mitigate the remaining emissions we produce, and our company car policy has our staff to driving only hybrid or electric vehicles, with a plethora of charging points at our facilities.

Data centres
The Forest of Marston Vale
Beach clean-up
Company car policy
CCA accreditation

Data centres

data centresWe designed and built our Tier IV by design data centre 10 years ago with efficiency in mind. Our Power Usage Effectiveness ratio (PUE) is 1.1, which we believe to be the lowest in the UK and much lower than the industry standard of 1.6.

Our patented EcoCooling system means that we only resort to traditional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) in the rare event where the UK temperature rises above 33 degrees. This system proficiently uses adiabatic cooling to cool outside air, enabling cold aisle containment and warm air recycling, keeping our data centres to the ideal temperatures.


The Forest of Marston Vale

As well as operating highly-efficient data centres, we have a long-standing relationship with the Forest of Marston Vale, planting trees to mitigate the remaining emissions we produce as a company and offset our carbon footprint. We have planted over 700,000 trees through green initiative events and our volunteering schemes.

Blue Chip regularly team up with customers and partners for tree planting days, whatever the weather! We’re there for any business looking to go carbon-neutral with their business workloads.

Beach clean-up

At Blue Chip, we want to make a positive impact on the world, so we give employees the opportunity to do so. Our volunteering scheme enables everyone to take two days off a year to assist local causes and charities of their choice.

Our Company Car Policy

In an incentive to reduce Blue Chip’s carbon footprint, the monthly tier allowance is increased if staff use fully electric vehicles. This reinforces our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and the emissions we produce.

Climate Change Agreement (CCA) accreditation

We’ve ensured our data centres are as energy-efficient as possible. In recognition of Blue Chip’s efforts to reduce electricity usage, carbon dioxide and other environmental impacts, the company has achieved UK Environment Agency’s Climate Change Agreement accreditation.


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Our energy efficient data centres

We’ve achieved a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.1 for our data centres, thanks to our ongoing investment in energy efficiency measures such as Adiabatic cooling, creating 1200mm floor voids, cold aisle containment and warm air recycling. Our data centres are also supplied with 100% renewable electricity. These initiatives mean that our data centres are among some of the greenest facilities in Europe. As they’re so efficient, we also have lower overheads, so we can deliver stable contracts for our customer that aren’t subject to increasing power costs.

our partners

  • Veeam
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • actifio
  • Zerto
  • Lenovo (Data Center Partner)
  • IBM Gold Business Partner
  • Red Hat
  • Citrix
  • FalconStor
  • helpsystems
  • vmware partner
  • Check Point
  • Dell Technologies Gold Partner


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