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A flexible approach to storage maintenance
A range of legacy and new storage products to complement various server technologies

When your IT budget is under pressure, you’ll want to get the most out of your existing technology. It’s not always necessary to jump to the latest piece of kit to ensure optimal performance.

With a thirty-year pedigree of maintaining critical devices, Blue Chip can extend the life of your storage infrastructure, keeping it doing the job that it’s always done, way beyond the post-warranty period, and years into the manufacturer’s end-of-support period.

If you want to regain control of your budgets and decide when you’re buying new kit, then pick your vendor and start your journey to a new feeling of liberation from the vendor.

Providing best in class maintenance for your storage

Dell EMC Vblock
Data Warehouse Solutions

IBM Storage Maintenance

Underlining our impressive reputation on handling IBM infrastructure, we have all the parts for machines on support and the ability to remotely monitor all the machines. We’re ready to provide support on the following:

  • DS Enterprise Storage
  • Flash 900 Systems
  • Storwize
  • Storwize Flash
  • XIV Storage Systems
  • Any of the predecessors to these ranges

Dell EMC Storage Maintenance

DellCovering the entire range of Dell EMC storage products, even those with a Data General heritage, we bring the weight of our experience in maintaining critical data centre storage to these devices and environments.

Specialising in the maintenance of the machines heading towards official end-of-support status, we can add years to the effective life of your IT estate. We’re ready to cover your existing arrays with our expertise, doubling or even quadrupling your return on investment.

The devices Blue Chip maintain include all the typical EMC machines such as:

  • Symmetrix VMAX
  • Celera
  • CLARiiON
  • VNX
  • Data Domain
  • XtremIO

We also cover the ranges usually associated with Dell, including but not limited to:

  • EqualLogic
  • Compellent
  • PowerVault MD series

If you’re looking for that second opinion on the health and viability of your Dell EMC investment, make that call to Blue Chip today, it may save you more than you think.

Dell EMC Vblock Storage Maintenance

DellAs Dell EMC move from Vblock to VxBlock, it’s almost certain that all models of Vblock will soon be entering the end-of-support period of their lives and the vendor will be redoubling their efforts to convert users of the former into users of the latter.

The time for a discussion with Blue Chip is today. Even if your future plans include VxBlock, we can provide the interim support so that move can be made at your pace and not the OEM’s. If you decide that VxBlock is not for you, Blue Chip commit to being able to maintain your configuration for many years to come, ensuring your Virtual Computing Environment is in safe hands for as long as you want it.

Data Warehouse Solutions

As the two main protagonists in the Data Warehousing space seem intent on getting all of their customers on to cloud-based solutions, both have made the most of their hardware-based offerings. IBM, with the Netezza platform, and Teradata, with their 9XXX class of hardware models, are enforcing official support expiry and, so it appears, forcing their customers into the cloud in very short timescales.

As history has shown, the cloud is not always a ‘one size fits all’ remedy. Most organisations want time to think about the pros and cons of whatever they put into the cloud; yet IBM and Teradata are putting on pressure for the customer to make a swift change.

With our world-renowned dedication to service, Blue Chip maintain both Netezza and Teradata hardware platforms. We provide robust expertise, delivering assistance on everything software-related, ensuring you have that most precious of commodities, time.

This enables you to deliberate on how you want your services delivered; decide on any options of moving to the cloud; moving to one of the upcoming new entrants into the data warehousing market or stay with platforms being expertly maintained by Blue Chip.

HPE Storage Maintenance

Hewlett Packard EnterpriseWith a pedigree of building storage products spanning over four decades, there are some impressive and innovative arrays in the HPE catalogue. We have a maintenance solution for just about every one of them.

With best-in-breed maintenance that keeps your critical 3PAR devices working at peak performance levels to making your EMA box run as if it was built yesterday, your HPE Storage Arrays could not be in better hands.

With a commitment to having every part for every machine on support held in UK-based stock and a highly motivated field engineering force, there are no delays or excuses with Blue Chip support. If your machine breaks, we fix it.

The machines we maintain include, but are not limited to 3PAR, Nimble, EVA, StoreOnce, MSA and EMA. If you are using one of these, or any other HPE array then give us a call.

HDS Storage Maintenance

There are not many better named storage arrays than the Freedom Storage Lightning 9900, the first of Hitachi Data Systems storage products, sold by Hitachi Data Systems, Sun Microsystems and HPE.

The names have gone, but HDS high-end and mid-range modular storage systems are used by many organisations in the UK. Organisations who use them are typically under pressure to buy new platforms or upgrade existing ones, with end-of-support mantra, or, in HDS speak, ‘End Of Service Life’.

If you are feeling this pressure and you’re looking at ways to extend the life of your Hitachi AMS, HUS, VSP, HNAS SMU or any other Hitachi array then give Blue Chip a call, it might just give you the relief you need.

Oracle Storage Maintenance

With Sun and StorageTek devices included, Blue Chip has a maintenance service for all end-of-support Oracle storage arrays. Just because they won’t repair your machine anymore, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Blue Chip’s support and maintenance service, driven by meaningful SLAs will breathe life back into your storage arrays and let you decide when it no longer serves a useful purpose.

Oracle has a reputation for heavily pushing new hardware on to their customers as soon as an ‘End of Life’ date is released. If you want to discuss maintenance services with Blue Chip or just want a different viewpoint to the vendor, then call us today.

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IBM storage

Extend the life of your storage hardware

Blue Chip can provide disk and flash storage maintenance services for a wide range of vendors, including EMC, HP, NetApp, Lenovo, HDS and IBM. Using genuine OEM parts and ability to provide onsite parts, we can help you to extend the life of your storage hardware with superior SLA maintenance whilst helping reduce charges below the OEM.

Data centre maintenance hardware supported products

Post-warranty maintenance for your data centre

Here's our downloadable PDF, detailing the brands and models we can support in your IT hardware estate.

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