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Masses of new data is being generated by businesses and individuals daily - in fact. by 2025, it's been predicted that the global datasphere will contain around 163 Zettabytes - that's 163,000,000,000 Terabytes! 
Data has been described as the new 'oil' due to the value that can be extracted when organizations utilise the information they have stored. but  there is a challenge as well as opportunity - how do you store all that data?



With data coming from different sources each with different characterics, values and usage, the traditional approaches can be to expensive / inflexible to provide the solution that businesses require. that why Blue Chip has been designing software defined storage solutions since 2011 both managed services environments and also customers who need to have more traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Blue Chip storage experience includes optimized solutions for IBM Power - AIX, IBM i & AI. along with configurations designed for VMware, Citrix and most common database workloads.

As the largest IBM i cloud in Europe. blue chip run software defined/all flash environments that enable customers to remove storage bottlenecks that had previously limited application performance. in some cases this has allowed businesses to increase trading volumes without having to increase server size / software licensing cost and in other cases enabled customers to introduce new service offerings just by changing their storage environment 


With the hybrid cloud capabilities of IBM Spectrum Storage a cost-effective solution has arrived.

Whether you're looking for a storage solution to use at your own premises or as part of a managed service in Blue Chip's high security data centres, we can help. Call our storage experts on 01234 224400 or email