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Masses of new data is being generated by businesses and individuals daily - in fact. by 2025, it's been predicted that the global datasphere will contain around 163 Zettabytes - that's a trillion gigabytes! The explosion of data is creating a challenge for many organisations: how and where are they going to store data they collect?
For the majority of businesses, the optimum storage soluiton is a combination of storage software and hardware, and with a wide range of options available, you can create a storage solution that's truly tailored to your business.



At Blue Chip, we believe that when it comes to storage, IBM's wide range of solutions are market-leading.

When you're collecting an ever-increasing amount of data, you're likely to find that you're stretching traditional storage solutions to their limit. With software-defined storage, the software that provides the intelligence for storage is separate from the traditional hardware platform, enabling you to take a more agile approach.

We use IBM's Spectrum Storage Suite to help our customers create a software-defined storage solution that is truly flexible. With a number of hybrid cloud functions within the suite, such as Spectrum Protect to keep your data secure and Spectrum Control to make managing your data simpler. IBM Spectrum can enable you to make the most of your data. And with Spectrum Virtualise, you can modernise almost any existing storage system.








       With the hybrid cloud
       capabilities of IBM Spectrum
       Storage, a cost-effective
       solution has arrived.



For organisations that are looking for all the benefits of storage software without needing to devote in-house resources aside for it, Blue Chip can completely manage your software storage from start to finish. With Storage as a Service (SaaS) solution you pay on a monthly basis, so you only pay for what you need.





If you'd prefer a hardware storage solution that doesn't require you to compromise on speed, IBM's comprehensive all-flash portfolio is an excellent way to accelerate your applications. With increased density compared to traditional hard disk drives, flash solutions can provide you with higher speeds without having to take up more room in the data centre. This should enable you to meet the real-time demands of your cloud, mobile and social enviroments - delivering greater operational efficiency, a more responsive customer experience and competitive edge.

When it comes to storage, hard drive storage systems are the tried-and-tested option, as many businesses have been using hard disk drives (HDD) for years. You can store a lot of data on HDDs and for a relatively low cost.

However, for businesses that have huge amounts of data, tape storage ca be the most affordable option. Many use tape storage for backup and recovery purposes, and there are a wide range of tape solutions to suit your various business needs, from virtual tape libraries to drives and autoloaders.


If you're wondering how to get the right mix of storage solutions for your business - or whether you'd be able to manage more than one solution in-house - look no futher. Blue Chip's experts have the insider industry knowledge necessary to provide you with the best advice on storage.

With our managed services solution, we can even manage it all for you. Our Tier 3 and Tier 4 by design data centres are furbished with a full range of storage solutions, from Spectrum to HDD, so we can accommodate all of your needs. Call our storage experts on 01234 224400 or email







Whether you're looking for a storage solution to use at your own premises or as part of a managed service in Blue Chip's high security data centres, we can help. Call our storage experts on 01234 224400 or email