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Blue Chip has been supplying customers with refurbished IBM hardware and storage since 1987. We are experts at helping our customers to upgrade and enhance their IT infrastructure, using our experience as an end user, reseller and maintenance provider to deliver full lifecycle support.

Providing refurbished IBM Hardware for your business

At Blue Chip, we have over 30 years’ experience working with our customers to determine what their real business needs are, and helping them to decide whether a new or refurbished IBM system would better meet their requirements.

The refurbished hardware is always delivered by Blue Chip staff from start to finish to ensure control and consistency of any project. Our technical experts can advise on the best possible options for extending the life of your current hardware or replacing it with a second-user upgrade. At Blue Chip we own and operate hundreds of IBM systems and storage arrays, giving us a unique perspective on the best options for upgrading. Even if your system is considered end of life with upgrade paths withdrawn, simply talk to us to find out how refurbished hardware can extend the life of your technology assets

Refurbished IBM Hardware
Mainframe Upgrades
Storage and SAN
Blue Chip Warranty

Refurbished hardware since 1987mainframes

New IBM Power hardware sometimes has a premium price for features and technology that may not deliver a tangible benefit to your business, if all you need is a little more performance. Also, new IBM Power hardware requires the latest operating system which can drive expensive application updates or changes that can rule out a project simply because of cost.

We can help, whether you need to add a significant amount of extra processing, memory or storage to your data centre environment or just need to upgrade or replace a single branch-office-based IBM Power server. For AIX, IBM i or Linux, we can support all hardware and operating systems.

Where required we will register systems with IBM under customer name and ensure software licences are legally transferred.

Extending the life of IBM Mainframes

With mainframes, upgrading to new technology can carry a cost for application and software changes. Migration of third-party programs can also be expensive and prohibitive when all you need is a little more performance.

We have expertise in extending the life of IBM mainframes. We add additional component capacity, which comes with our lifetime warranty for mainframe maintenance customers. Our mainframe experts can advise on the best way to upgrade your hardware without risking business continuity.


Storage and SANmain-ibm-supply-upgrades

We have expert-level storage skills and a dedicated storage team within our business. Using our experience as a reseller and end user, we can advise and supply storage upgrades for all systems from internal drives for IBM i to external IBM storage arrays. We can also help with SAN fibre fabric from switches to cables.

All Blue Chip refurbished systems are reconditioned to the highest standards, in our own workshops and labs by certified engineers.

This is backed up by a comprehensive, no quibble, Blue Chip warranty. It’s delivered by Blue Chip technical staff, utilising UK-based spares for all components. The same team delivers our market-leading hardware maintenance services for IBM technology.


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Infographic IBM Server timeline IBM i AIX 2020

Refurbished IBM Hardware and peace of mind

  • Trusted, independent and impartial advice
  • All systems are thoroughly tested in-house by our engineers
  • Blue Chip refurbished hardware can be maintained by us at a discounted rate
  • 3-month comprehensive warranty on all Blue Chip refurbished hardware
  • Registration of systems with IBM
Why you can depend on us

When your business calls on us for refurbished IBM hardware, we carefully pick the right combination to fit your needs and budget. The initial phase starts with independent technical design, where we audit your current performance levels and capacity utilisation.

We build the solution in our extensive test labs. It’s always crucial for the hardware we supply, to go through critical testing.

No matter how old the hardware is, we take great care in reviewing the operating system, firmware and software. We carry out vital upgrades on these areas, updating the platform to appropriate levels. It’s vital for the refurbished system to perform at the highest standard possible.

The engineers and logistics team at Blue Chip are involved in every step of the delivery, installation and configuration of your chosen solution.

You’re guaranteed a risk-free migration of data, thanks to our outstanding experience in upgrading hardware and migrating organisations into our cloud services. This successfully brings us to the ‘cut over’ phase, where our experts are on hand for your system to go live.

Making the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll be provided with a software specialist who eliminates the complexity of licensing and registration. They register the systems and software licensing with IBM on your behalf.

Naturally, you may have concerns about the hardware you’re replacing. We eliminate these worries, as our disposal service is highly secure and fully compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 and WEEE Regulatory standards.


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