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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the hot topic of the moment, and rightly so. Businesses hold vast quantities of useful data within their systems, but the unstructured and disconnected nature of that data makes it almost impossible to harness commercial value from it. That’s where AI comes in.

AI can help organisations with a whole range of strategic benefits, including:

  • Accelerate research and discovery
  • Bring new products to market with greater confidence
  • Gain greater control and predictability throughout the business
  • Enrich customer interactions and improve experience
  • Detect potential risks

At Blue Chip we are already actively running AI proof of concept initiatives for multinational organisations within our UK-based data centres, using IBM POWER9 AI technology. The POWER9 AI solution is capable of deep learning across hundreds of separate processors using ultrafast GPU technology. NVLink technology then connects those GPUs, enabling thousands of learning activities to take place simultaneously, for real-time AI.



As well as improving business operations, opportunity and commerciality, AI can also help businesses to get smarter around predicting their processing capacity. With more and more organisations moving to outsourced cloud solutions, it’s easier than ever for organisations to take control of their IT spend and adopt a “pay as you go” model for IT capacity. 

AI will start to bring greater accuracy to demand forecasting by helping businesses to better predict peaks and troughs in activity using a much wider range of variables. For instance, web traffic might be influenced by internally-driven activity such as sales periods for retail or tax year-end for financial institutions, but a whole range of other factors are likely to influence user behaviour. AI can learn when online traffic is likely to be higher and lower using inputs as varied as weather forecasts, travel information, pay day data or economic up and downturn insights.

By better predicting web traffic using AI, businesses can more closely match their processing capacity requirements, making significant cost savings whilst also prioritising customer experience.

Whatever your business goals or requirements, we can help you deploy an appropriate AI solution. We work with a range of AI software providers to help you achieve the right outcome using the best technology on the market, in POWER AI.

For AI software developers, we’ll help you showcase your solution in the best possible way, by giving you the means to develop it on the market-leading platform within our high security data centres.