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On Call Software Maintenance

IBM Power end-of-support software maintenance

  • Are you running IBM Power machines with no upgrade path?
  • Is your operating system no longer supported?
  • Are these machines still important to your business?
  • Are you paying IBM extra money for extended support?
  • Do you need these machines patched and running at peak performance?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then On Call services are the cost-effective solutions for you!

Blue Chip's On Call services are premier AIX and i5/OS support offerings delivered out of the UK by full-time Blue Chip employees.

The On Call advantage for your business

You get 24/7 access to our IBM Power operating systems expertise, covering all operating system versions and releases installable on IBM machines from pre-Power4 to Power7. The service also includes all the AIX and i5/OS Layered Products you would expect to find in an IBM Power systems environment from a perspective based on support, general advice and fixing.

Why Blue Chip?

Our team of IBM Power specialists has a collective experience in all things related to AIX and i5/OS, which spans more than 300 years. -They work with a diverse set of customers, who have highly unique requirements that range from the oldest versions of operating systems right up to the very latest. We can say with confidence that there is nothing AIX or i5/OS related that our team have not seen before or cannot help you with.

Whether it's major bug fixing, configuration advice, usage assistance or just general housekeeping, your answer to any operating system question is just one phone call away with On Call - Advanced Technical Support.