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Network and Security

When looking to secure your network, you need a solution that will protect your business from advanced security and network threats while also providing high performance and robust network platforms, to address your connectivity and data transfer needs. Blue Chip can provide best-of-breed network & firewall technologies available, from leading vendors such as Checkpoint, Cisco and F5.

A tailored solution

Whether you require hardware or software solution, a single product or a combination of products, or an unmanaged or fully managed service, Blue Chip’s experts are on hand to create the ideal solution for your organisation. Our first priority is to ensure that you select the right solution at the right price, and optimal configuration, so our highly trained team will work closely with you to thoroughly evaluate and validate your requirements, incorporating industry and design best practices.

With our fully managed service, you benefit from the leveraging of our in-house expertise and advanced tooling to design, build, support and maintain your solution under competitive SLAs. If you opt for our unmanaged service, we’ll still provide you with our high-quality maintenance service, but you will be responsible for the management of the solution.

Cutting-edge technology :

We can supply, build and support you with a service that contains some or all of the following technologies:  

  • Next Generation Threat Prevention appliances 
  • Load Balancers (Local and Global) 
  • Web Application Firewalls 
  • Identity Access Management appliances 
  • Wireless Gateways 
  • Routers and Switches
Ongoing support

All of our products are supplied with a maintenance service, in addition to the manufacturer warranty, so you can be sure that your network is protected from security threats and backed by a support programme that ensures a quick fix if something ever goes wrong. This way, we can ensure maximum uptime and highest performance of your systems, so your productivity is never compromised. 
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