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Mainframe Cloud

Mainframe computers have been around for a long time – IBM launched its first mainframe, the System/360, in 1964. While cloud computing is on the rise, at Blue Chip, we believe that there’s a place for the mainframe now and in the future.

Blue Chip’s team treat every call with equal importance, from a simple call for advice, to a major system upgrade. The level of knowledge in all areas of the company is superb and the willingness to help is second to none.
UK manufacturer
Many of our customers choose IBM Z for their critical workloads, as the mainframe can be trusted to keep vital operations running, while also offering data centre efficiency and unrivalled economics.
Blue Chip also provides hybrid cloud services, so our cloud customers can run mixed environments across Windows, Linux or IBM POWER i & AIX cloud infrastructure. We also have high speed LAN extensions into other cloud providers, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.