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Linux Operating System Monitoring

Itheon for Linux provides monitoring, metering and automation of your business critical Linux systems. Itheon’s built in intelligence means that we understand the precise status of your systems and deliver only real problems for your teams to work on.  

Everything Covered

Itheon has every available operating system performance counter, such as CPU, I/O and memory, Filesystem, User, Network, Process etc. Itheon can also interrogate log files and databases ,etc. 

Itheon also automates many first line fixes taking the operator or administrator from the task and ensuring fast, proactive responses to problems as they occur. 

When Itheon finds an issue it can take actions such as; 

  • Executing commands 

  • Clearing disks 

  • Restarting a program 


Also Linux is a major part of Itheon BPM (Business Process Monitoring). Itheon understands how your revenue generating activities work and how all the various parts of your environment have to work together. This delivers a holistic view of how ALL of your systems work together to deliver a business process. 

This means that Itheon understands the relationship between your Linux machine how it relates to the business processes it is part of, what each machine contributes and where the problem lies when issues occur. 

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