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Itheon – Enterprise Monitoring Software
Itheon allows your organisation to intelligently monitor servers, applications, and business services in one place.

Our proven Itheon software offers a step-change in monitoring capabilities at a cost-effective price. Itheon is easy to install and manage and is built to scale with your organisation.

Itheon ensures that every server and application is properly monitored, no matter the platform. Able to work across IBM i, Microsoft Windows, Unix, AIX, Linux, and VMS, Itheon provides your organisation with technical and service delivery insight in real-time. It shows the root cause and effect of any problem as it occurs. By rapidly pinpointing the source of a problem, Itheon stops war rooms and allows you to deliver robust solutions and services to your customers.

Built-in automation helps you resolve problems faster and more efficiently, reducing the risk of downtime. Itheon’s intelligence reduces the number of events, lowering the cost of ensuring your critical services are running.

Siloed monitoring delivered to your technical experts is no longer good enough. Itheon allows you to communicate with stakeholders in a language they understand. It provides the technical detail that you need but translates this into business process monitoring that is relevant, and easy to understand.

Itheon has raised service quality, lowered costs, reduced manual intervention and delivered faster and more reliable business processes
One easy-to-use monitoring solution

By consolidating all of your monitoring needs, cut costs and consistently provide high-quality service.


Sophisticated automation improves service quality efficiently fixing even complex issues as they arise.

Intelligent Alerting

Itheon reduces clutter and delivers insight into real problems leading to improved service quality.

Some of our clients
Through Business Process Monitoring Itheon provides a complete source of unified information, as a "single pane of glass" on your operations. Itheon can automatically fix simple errors and prioritise fixes based on criticality improving the efficiency and speed of issue resolution and maximising uptime.

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