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ISV and Application Monitoring

ISV & Application Monitoring

Any Application

Every company, every vertical has an application or suite of applications that are unique, specialised even in-house that space relies on.  They often are the key application that company runs.  

These applications can be multi-faceted and highly sophisticated and hard to understand when problems occur. The monitoring and control of these applications are often managed by freeware or even more in-house code. This delivers ad-hoc results and even more stress on already overworked teams.

With a remarkable track record of delivering rapid results Itheon is designed to be moulded to your application with the minimum of fuss.   Itheon recently designed, delivered, trained and deployed a major wealth management application with over 200 Monitoring points.  Itheon lowered the number of support calls, raised reliability, and speeded up response times.

Itheon also gave visibility to the Business Processes that these applications support. IE whether the revenue generating activity was being affected. Where the problem lay that was degrading your company performance and in many cases automated the fix. All this was delivered in eight weeks from a standing start.

This example shows how your company can understand even the most unique application from technical, service delivery, hardware and application perspectives in a short timespan with unrivalled quality, depth and automation using Itheon.

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