Why become a reseller of Blue Chip Maintenance Services ​

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Why become a reseller of Blue Chip Maintenance Services ​

Why not become a Blue Chip partner and resell Blue Chip’s services as part of your own portfolio.  You can be confident that your customers are in a safe pair of hands when you sell Blue Chip support services. It’s impossible to be a specialist in everything that sits within our customers infrastructures these days and they expect to manage multiple relationships.

By offering to manage those extra relationships you will be adding enormous value to your engagement with them and some healthy margins to boot.​

Blue Chip works with many partners across the IT sector and these are a few of the reasons they select Blue Chip as their partner of choice:


  • Fantastic Quality of service​

  • Well known in the IBM market; a great reputation​

  • IBM mid range experience​ since 1987

  • Financially stable  - steady growth year on year​

  • Comprehensive portfolio of services ​

  • Largest number of independent IBM technical specialists in the UK​

  • Enterprise solutions that scale to fit any business​

  • Pro active partner management team – bid support​

  • Flexible commercials offering​

  • Competitive pricing


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