Re-marketed Nearly New & Used IBM i & pSeries Servers

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Re-marketed Nearly New & Used IBM i & pSeries Servers

Rest Assured...

Blue Chip have been providing new and second user systems since 1987, our clients are safe in the knowledge that all our hardware comes with a guarantee providing 24x7 cover for a fixed period of time. Once the guarantee period has ended the hardware can then be added to a new or existing hardware support agreement.

Availability of the entire i & p model range - Not just the latest model...

Here at Blue Chip we provide every system within the IBM power range and also every model of the IBM system released within the last 15 years, the major benefit of this 2nd user market is we are not limited to just being able to offer the latest Power systems which may not be the best for your business from a technical & commercial perspective, we have access to almost every IBM system possible and will base our recommendations on what your business actually needs.

Expert Technical Specialists designing your Hardware Solutions

If you are looking at upgrading/moving onto the platform or just expanding your IT infrastructure your Client Director will work with you and our team of trained IBM technical specialists. All of our proposed solutions are based on their unbiased technical advice.

Our technical experts have helped design, configure and support our biggest IBM Power Cloud in Europe. The solution has also been recognised by IBM and is listed in their Global Solutions Directory. This listing contributes towards Blue Chip's status as an IBM Managed Service Partner (MSP).

Test Labs and IBM Registrations

Another major benefit of using Blue Chip to design your solution is the advantage of using our suites to test your applications on newer hardware/software versions to eradicate the risk of any complications before the live upgrade.

Blue Chip will take the pain out of any new IBM registrations with regards to software entitlements and licensing. All system specifications & software details will be provided to IBM so they have a complete & correct record of the new system and any new software so that it is registered correctly. With correct registration software can then be transferred to the new system - taking the pain away from you and your team and freeing up your time to focus on your key tasks and objectives.

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