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IBM zSeries/Mainframe Maintenance

IBM zSeries/Mainframe Maintenance

Some organisations see IBM zSeries machines as fundamental to their IT operations delivering super critical, always available services to their Customers and at the very heart of everything that they do.

On the other hand some organisations see IBM zSeries or IBM System z almost as a burden, a throwback to a time gone by, delivering legacy applications that they’ve not quite managed to get rid of. No matter which camp your business sits in, or if it lies somewhere between the two, then Blue Chip’s commitment to delivering exemplary service should make them the maintainer of choice for your IBM zSeries or IBM System z.

IBM zOS and system z maintenance

At the centre of Blue Chip is a theological approach to service that puts your IBM zSeries, your IBM System z on the pedestal its services demands. With an engineering force with many years of experience in the maintenance of IBM mainframes, with all parts being held in UK stock & owned by Blue Chip, with 24x7 access to the pool of Blue Chips System z Technical Specialists which is one of the largest in the world. No matter how exacting your organisations requirements might be, Blue Chip can tailor a service that meets those requirements every time.

No matter what the demands of your business, the maintenance of your IBM zSeries environment or the maintenance of your IBM System z environment is safely held in Blue Chip’s hands.

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