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Blue Chip z/OS® Support

To complement Blue Chip’s hardware maintenance for IBM System z & in line with our iOS & AIX Support offerings, users of the maintenance service can also benefit from having rapid access to our mainframe experts.

The Blue Chip zOS Support can be used for all IBM currently supported versions of zOS as well as all third party software products running on the Customers’ z machine irrespective of the vendor ensuring complete ownership of a problem no matter where the problem resides.

Dependent on the issue at hand, the z/OS® Support can be accessed as a Telephone Support call, via remote access through a VPN or as an on-site presence when the situation is such that an expert in front of the machine is what’s needed to diagnose the problem & fix it.

As well as fixing problems the z/OS® Support can be used to gain expert advice on general housekeeping of an IBM System z environment or for answers to those how do I, why do I & should I type questions that occasionally pop up in complex infrastructures.

With a Blue Chip Hardware Maintenance service & subscription to the Blue Chip z/OS® Support your IBM System z could not be better looked after.


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