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Blue Chip Telephone support for OS400

Blue Chip has both the skills and experience to deliver premier software support for all OS400 solutions. Our service is designed to be flexible both in terms of SLA priority levels and breadth of service.

The core of our service is created to mirror the vendor solution but with the added benefit of being able to flex the solution to meet your requirements not vice versa. Commercial models are designed to ensure that you pay only for what you need with additional modules available for peak periods or changes to the IT environment.

The OS400 Software Support solution from Blue  Chip is headed up by our 24/7 Service Desk located in Bedford with the capacity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support onsite. Our three tier structure allows us to deliver a faster, more reactive resolution to any OS400 issue and our single point of contact eliminates any degradation in time between supporting parties or suppliers.

The Support team have the ability and skills to diagnose, identify and rectify any issues including the identification of any necessary patches or updates required. Using remote access diagnostics tools we are able to resolve the majority of issues at the 1st level stage. All calls are fully managed, logged, tracked and escalated, through our call management system.  


Our OS400 Software support includes basic how to knowledge right through to the best practice techniques for optimum efficiency and covers:- 


  • Use othe IBM OS/400 

  • Guidance on using the appropriate IBM OS/400 command in a given situation 

  • Hardware, configurationand compatibilities 

  • Feature Code compatibility 

  • Installation, migrations and upgrades 

  • Guidance on the concepts of installing IBM OS/400 from scratch ovia 

  • Option 21 backupto newer hardware 

  • System initialization processes and control 

  • Help with system codes 

  • Data Analysis 

  • Guidance on Object and library management 

  • Users and user administration 

  • Guidance on IBM OS/400 user management 

  • System security and security concepts 

  • Information about security related commands and files 

  • System performance and performance concepts 

  • Guidance on which IBM OS/400 commandto use to diagnose performance issues 

  • Paging space 

  • Guidance on paging space sizing and management 

  • Backup and restore 

  • Guidance on how to use the various IBM OS/400 commandwhich relate tbacking up and restoring of data 

  • Maintenance TPLevels 

  • Guidance on how to upgrade IBM OS/400 PTlevels 


Our 24/7 service desk provides flexible response times designed to provide only the coverage required.VIP response times available from 30 minutes upwards. Priority levels are determined case by case by agreement between Blue Chip and the customer 


Additional modules and services include; 

• Onsite consultant 

• Service Call packs for peak times or increased activity periods 

• Onsite engineers can be provided to assist with 

• Hardware Installations (new systems) 

• Hardware Upgrades (existing systems) 

• OS400 Version Upgrades or Technology Levels Updates 

• HMC Updates 

• Disaster Recovery Tests & Data Centre Relocations 


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