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Blue Chip has over 30 years experience in providing support for IBM systems and technology

As an IBM Gold Business Partner we don’t just sell IBM hardware, we make extensive use of it for our own systems and cloud services. We run over 150 IBM Power Systems and support thousands more across the UK. Using this expertise, we can put ourselves in your position and give the best advice based on our experiences running IBM servers of all generations.

Spanning from technical to logistics, our staff ensure the systems are designed, delivered, deployed and migrated successfully, with full ownership from Blue Chip across the lifecycle of the hardware.

Our Five Step Roadmap For IBM Power Success

Throughout your upgrade or installation, our technical support team are on hand to provide what we consider to be the five key pillars to a successful upgrade or installation of any IBM Power System.

  1. Design, build and test
  2. Operating system, firmware and software upgrades
  3. Delivery and Installation
  4. Registration and migration
  5. Disposal

Providing best in class service for your IBM Power Systems

Design, build and test
Operating system, firmware and software upgrades
Delivery and Installation
Migration and registration

Design, build and test

Getting the best advice around IBM Power systems can be confusing and sometimes contradictory depending on who you talk to. If you have not regularly upgraded your system, you may not be familiar with best practices and how specific configurations can work in real life deployment rather than theory.

We employ more IBM Power technical specialists than any other IBM Business Partner in the UK, which means that we can provide the best bespoke solution to meet the needs of your organisation. Combined with our experience as an end user we can provide real life insight into the best possible configurations. We perform health checks and capacity planning to ensure the solution is configured to meet demand now and in the future. We also look at your IBM software licenses and ensure they are factored into the upgrade solution.

From full hardware refresh to disk and memory upgrades, we can support every aspect, always using our own staff not contractors.

The final solution is then built in our extensive test labs to ensure it is working correctly and prepared for client data to be loaded.

Operating system, firmware and software upgrades

Our expertise doesn’t end at the hardware level. Many IBM Power users have never personally upgraded the operating systems, patching or firmware themselves. Doing so can present an unnecessary risk.

Through our other services, such as IBM i and AIX management, we are regularly upgrading operating systems. This involves installing the latest patching and firmware for clients and our own systems. We also cover virtualisation of the IBM Power platform using PowerVM, data replication with PowerHA and more.

Operating system upgrades can become even more complex if your current version and hardware are a few generations behind the latest. You may need to utilise another system as a ‘jump box’ in between your current and new hardware to complete your upgrade. We combine our expertise in upgrades, with the many generations of hardware we use to provide disaster recovery. This ensures we can upgrade through the versions all the way up to the current technology.

We can also assist with upgrading many of the common third-party software programs for high availability such as Mimix and QuickEDD.

Blue Chip can deliver this as part of new hardware upgrades or as a standalone service if you already have the hardware.

Delivery and Installation

Many clients have used Blue Chip because they are concerned that other providers use third parties for delivery and installation, which adds supply chain risk and detaching responsibility.

Blue Chip has a solid reputation for taking control and responsibility at every stage of an upgrade, using our staff for delivery and installation. Our logistics team are transporting and delivering critical equipment and spares every week. We’re skilled at delivering and removing high value technology. We use our IBM-trained hardware engineers to provide installation services for clients in their area, ensuring consistency and responsibility for the install.

Migration and registration

Migration from any generation of IBM Power System to a new version can be complex and present a risk to your business-critical infrastructure, particularly when cutting over and going live.  This is where our migration services remove that risk.

When it comes to restoring and migrating systems, our expertise has been built on the many years delivering disaster recovery services. Blue Chip staff still regularly restore AIX and IBM i systems onto different hardware every week of the year for this testing.

We combine these skills at restoring systems with our skills at operating system upgrades to prepare client system data for the new hardware. We then look at the best way to synchronise the data between old and new platforms for cutting over and going live.

The final part of the migration is to ensure the system is correctly registered with your organisation and that software keys are loaded where required for the transfer of software.


Once you have migrated to new hardware, we can also offer disposal of the old hardware to WEEE standards and certificated destruction of data to the highest possible standards.

Under the EU WEEE directive, all electronic and electrical equipment must be disposed of in a proper and legal manner. It must not go to landfill and failure to follow this directive can result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

We have been helping our customers to safely recycle their old IT equipment for over 30 years, whether it be an old tower server or a mainframe taking up an entire computer room.

Using our in-house logistics team, we can collect the old equipment and ship to our workshop where the systems will be stripped to component level.

Any viable components will be tested and recycled for use as spares or upgrades and the rest of the system disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

We guarantee the complete destruction of data by either wiping the hard drive using specialist software, which erases data to UK and US Government defence standards, or by shredding the hard drive through a specialist shredding machine, reducing drives to pieces 1cm in size or less.

We can also securely erase flash storage, tapes and other storage media in line with the WEEE directive.

Our disposal service is highly secure and fully compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 and WEEE environmental accreditations. We also provide a certificate of destruction.

Some of the benefits of using Blue Chip for your equipment disposal are:

  • Secure destruction of data to UK and US Government defence standards
  • Arranged collection using our in-house logistics team and vehicles
  • Certificates of destruction
  • Securely disposal of anything from a single drive or tape, up to an entire data suite of equipment
  • Viable components can be recycled on customer’s request, helping the environment


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