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IBM Power Server Hosting

Blue Chip are uniquely positioned in the Global IBM POWER marketplace for all flavours of the Operating System AIX, IBM i, Linux.  Why? 


Solid Foundations with superb Tier 4 and Tier 3 freehold datacentres (hyperlink) 


Sub 2ms latency between datacentres (need to check this)  


IBM Power Pedigree reaching back to 1987 and the System 36/38, AS/400, RS/6000, iSeries pSeries, POWER systems. 


Blue Chip currently boasts the largest POWER Cloud with over 2 Million CPW or approximately 3900 rPerf t 


IBM iIBM AIXLinux Systems Management Services (Hyperlinks) 


Hosted businesses benefit from Blue Chip’s Hardware Maintenance service also each of our datacentres has its own comprehensive stores, in addition we hold all the parts for all the systems we support at our Central Stores.  Engineering onsite response times for priority 1 calls will be measured in minutes typically under 10!!  


Access to Blue Chip’s Virtual Tape Library (VTLaaS) on pay per GB  


All the accreditations your company needs 

PCI-DSS Accredited for both our System Management Services & Hosting  

ISO27001, 14001, 9001 


All of the above is provided by Blue Chip employees, locations, services.  That’s Unique ! 


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