IBM I Operating System Monitoring

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IBM I Operating System Monitoring

Itheon’s iSeries server monitoring solution delivers enterprise level monitoring and understanding of both iSeries and any application that runs on iSeries.  

Itheon for iSeries covers such things as:


  • System status

  • Message Queues 

  • Job Queues 

  • Job Status 

  • Output Queues 

  • Subsystems 

  • Pool status 


Automation is very much an integral part of our solution with the ability to automate tasks, and responses, or send messages that your team can respond with either a menu of options or command line 


Also iSeries is major part of Itheon BPM (Business Process Monitoring). Itheon understands how your revenue generating activities work and how all the various parts of your environment have to work together This means that Itheon understands the relationship between your iSeries machine how it relates to the business processes it is part of, what it contributes and where the problem lies when issues occur.


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