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IBM AIX & pSeries Maintenence

Whether you’re sweating a legacy asset or using the latest IBM Power System p to deliver super –critical, highly available services then Blue Chip are the UK maintainer of choice. With nearly thirty years experience in the maintenance of IBM Mid-Range Systems, Blue Chip has an unparalleled pedigree in the support of all things RS6000, pSeries and Power System p related.

But pedigrees do not happen by chance, they happen  by consistently striving for the best and that is precisely what Blue Chip deliver, the best maintenance for RS6000, the best maintenance for pSeries and the best maintenance for Power System p that money can buy. ​

With all elements of Blue Chip’s IBM Mid-Range Systems maintenance being delivered by Blue Chip, it puts them in the unique position of being able to tailor a service to meet the requirements and demands of the most exacting RS6000, pSeries or Power System p user. 


Many of these elements are unique to Blue Chip and can be viewed as the key benefits of exemplary IBM Mid-Range maintenance that can be briefly summarised as the following:​

  • All parts for all machines supported in UK held stock and owned by Blue Chip​

  • Specialist Engineers with years of experience  in maintaining  IBM AIX machines  which for many is all they’ve done all their working lives​

  • Flexible Service Offerings with 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour Committed On Site Response times as standard​

  • Consistently achieved Committed Fix times to meet the most critical situations​

  • A company ethos that means when things need doing, things get done​

No matter what the demands of your business, the maintenance of your RS6000, the maintenance of your pSeries or the maintenance of your Power System p estates is safely held in Blue Chip’s hands.


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