HP VMS Operating System Monitoring

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HP VMS Operating System Monitoring

HP VMS (Alpha) Operating System Monitoring

From the days of Digital, through Compaq, HP and beyond Itheon has been at the forefront of VMS monitoring.  Available on even the latest servers and versions Itheon offers all of the usual performance metrics such as CPU, memory disk space etc.

Itheon also offers understanding of areas of VMS that your VMS admin demands;

•    Cluster status, cluster wide monitoring
•    Logicals (checking and using them for monitoring purposes)
•    Process (usage, status etc)
•    Network
•    Disk (from both system and cluster perspectives)
•    Sysgen metrics. 
•    Device status

All of those things that your VMS administrator demands to manage today’s modern VMS environment. Itheon also raises automation, can interrogate log files, run command and automate most fixes first time every time.


Also VMS is a major part of Itheon BPM (Business Process Monitoring). Itheon understands how your revenue generating activities work and how all the various parts of your environment have to work together. This delivers a holistic view of how ALL of your systems work together to deliver a business process.

This means that Itheon understands the relationship between your VMS machine how it relates to the business processes it is part of, what each machine contributes and where the problem lies when issues occur. 

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