MS Windows and Linux Hosting and Management. (IaaS)

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MS Windows and Linux Hosting and Management. (IaaS)

Organisations are constantly challenged to become more competitive and grow market share. Reacting to these challenges often requires additional investment in IT systems and resource. Whilst at the same, time companies are under pressure to reduce overall costs, which makes adopting new strategies and investing in systems a difficult balancing act.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) addresses the above challenges by providing computing power and storage on demand. Not only is the server infrastructure available when required, but its costs reflect actual usage and remove the need for capital expenditure. There are also savings to be made on maintenance contracts, resource, power usage and physical location space. With IaaS, business is no longer bound by the physical limitations of the Data Centre.

Systems are available as and when you need them. With this on demand service there is no longer a need to own and maintain contingency systems for peak periods or growth cycles. IaaS addresses both the business and financial requirements of an organisation and it can dramatically improve time to market for products and services.

The IT infrastructure can be delivered more efficiently through reduction of costs and expenditure is transformed from capex to opex.

Internal resource can focus on more strategic business issues, rather than trying to manage daily server and storage demand. Our IaaS infrastructure is coupled with our managed services offering. 

Blue Chip’s Systems Management Services delivers a cohesive unified approach to managing all systems and devices. This approach to systems management is unique in delivering bespoke, tailored solutions that fit with your business processes and requirements. 

Our solution is modular in design, making it easy to deliver either as a managed solution or a stand alone service. Distribution of the service is entirely tailored to your needs in the combination and configuration you require. 

Our enterprise level monitoring window and Linux agents have the capability to automate responses o any alerts and initiate most first line fixes. These fixes enable rapid response by the relevant resources, delivering a holistic approach tosystems management that is unique to Blue Chip.

Escalation paths are automated. As the problem, investigation or resolution changes so does the response and escalation process. 


Faster automated Fixes 

Reduced manual intervention 

Works out of the box with minimal set up 

Multi Criteria Intelligent alerting. 

Delivered stand alone or as one component of a service 


Monitoring Environment 


 Disk (Space, IO, Mounted) 

 Page File 


 Process (cpumemory,existence etc) 

 Services (started, type) 

 URL Response 

 Large Files 

 Large Directories 

 Printer state 

 Flexible in depth reporting 


Example Applications 

(Over 50 conditions for each application) 










Bespoke Application monitoring and management 


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