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Boasting over 1.5 Million CPW and already supporting a range of customers from around the world, the flexibility of this OPEX solution ensures that your IT infrastructure is fully utilised and grows with your business.

Behind Blue Chip’s IBM POWER Cloud is a huge investment in both people and infrastructure. Having provided maintenance services since 1987, Blue Chip has a pool of expert talent, including the largest independent IBM skilled workforce in the UK.

This talent is on hand 24x7, ensuring the optimal performance of Blue Chip’s Tier 4 and Tier 3 Design facilities, the infrastructure behind Blue Chip's IBM POWER Cloud. Both facilities are owned as a freehold and benefit from Live/Live Dual Network Operations Centres (NOCs), providing a constant view of the entire estate from multiple locations.

This complete ownership of the solution from infrastructure to people allows Blue Chip to identify the exact location of a specific customers data, design bespoke cloud solutions in line with customer requirements and deliver commercial terms such as pay per allocation or fixed price.

The solution has also been recognised by IBM and is listed in their Global Solutions Directory. This listing contributes towards Blue Chip's status as an IBM Managed Service Partner (MSP).

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