IBM i Remote Systems Management

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IBM i Remote Systems Management

It is estimated that any organisation would need a  minimum of 5 people to provide a 24x7 service, IBM POWER i experience is an extremely rare commodity , finding a good level of knowledge is difficult, maintaining a successful support resource would also be a considerable challenge.   


With Blue Chip’s IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) Systems management this problem is easily overcome, we have been managing IBM i Operating Systems (SYS36/38, CISC & RISC) since 1987 and are currently managing over 250 IBM i Systems for all markets and vertical customers.  


We manage the Operating System for you, this leaves our customer the freedom to maintain the management of their applications. 


What's included ; 



Service Desk

Pro- Active Intelligent Itheon Monitoring Software 

User profile 

Job Monitoring (Job Fails, Message Waits, Held Status, Overrunning jobs) 

Automatic replies powered by Itheon  where possible  

Job Scheduling Monitoring & Management 

MQ Monitoring 

Backup Management  

Performance Management  

OS Upgrades, PTF’s and Firmware 

High Availability Management 

Spool File Management 

Service Reporting & Review 


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