IBM AIX Remote Systems Management

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IBM AIX Remote Systems Management

Have you got AIX servers within your estate? Does your business rely on them for mission critical business functions?   


AIX is flavour of UNIX which was bred to be open source so anyone can manage it ? However all 3 of the original UNIX flavours Soloris, HP-UX & AIX have their own individual elements and foundations.  IBM added their own unique stamp which means if you want to achieve the highest uptime possible and maximise the investment from your Power server you really need to have AIX specialists not Unix generalists.    


We are currently managing over 350 AIX systems including Connect Group, Associated British Foods & Antalis Ltd  


We manage the Operating System, you the customer retain the management of the Application. 


What's included; 



Service Desk 

Pro- Active Intelligent Itheon Monitoring Software

User profile 

Job Monitoring (Job Fails, Message Waits, Held Status, Overrunning jobs) 

Automatic replies powered by Itheon  where possible  

Job Scheduling Monitoring & Management 

MQ Monitoring 

Backup Management  

Performance Management  

OS Upgrades, Technology Levels and Firmware 

High Availability Management 

Spool File Management 

Service Reporting & Review 


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