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We have extensive experience in bringing IT solutions to market across all industries for over 30 years.
Being a managed service provider also makes us an end user of many of these solutions and places us in a great position to consult and support on the delivery of your business critical IT.

Providing best in class IT consultancy

Over 60% of Blue Chip’s 230+ employees are employed in technical roles such as solution design, system configuration, implementation, networking, logistics and maintenance services.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we employ the best people in the industry and retaining their talent. Many of our technical staff have been with us for 10-20 years and have extensive knowledge and experience to help customers get the most from their IT investment.

Infrastructure health checks
Implementation services
Infrastructure migrations
Relocation services
Secure certified equipment disposal

Infrastructure health checks

All server and storage infrastructures can benefit from a periodic review to make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency.

Over time factors such as changes to the storage environment, virtual server sprawl, and out of date operating systems and/or update and patches can impact on your critical business systems resulting in system instability or performance degradation.

Whether it’s an IBM Power system, VMware or an enterprise storage environment, Blue Chip can help review the current configuration and provide feedback on issues and recommendations for resolving potential problems in a report that will include the following information;

  • Current environment configuration including OS version & patch levels etc.
  • Identify any performance or stability issues
  • Provide recommendations on remedial actions

To learn more about our OS Managed Services click here.

Implementation services

Whether it’s a simple x86 server installation or a complex IBM Power and storage project, Blue Chip has the in-house skills and resources to help you deliver a successful project, within budget and on time.

We don’t just drop-ship systems from our supplier to your site; we build, configure and thoroughly test the solution in our test labs and then deliver them to your site using our own Logistics team and vehicles. 

Depending on your specific requirements, our engineers will then rack and cable the systems and ensure everything is fully operational before handing over the solution to your IT staff to complete their allocated tasks. We use Blue Chip staff from start to finish.

Infrastructure migrations

Deciding to purchase a new server, storage or cloud solution is just the first step in what can sometimes be a technically complex project. The biggest challenge can often be how to migrate critical data and applications to the new infrastructure as efficiently as possible and with minimal disruption and downtime. 

For example, how do you migrate multiple geographically dispersed IBM i production systems to a Cloud platform without taking the live systems off-line or losing any data?

Blue Chip has been helping our customers with this type of migration work for over 30 years. We use a variety of tools such as MIMIX, Quick-EDD, VMware Converter, which when combined with our experience and knowledge help a successful transition from old to new environments.

Our technical experts have successfully migrated 1000’s of instances from old technology to new environments on time and within budget. Utilising the experience of our staff will reduce the risk of any project.

Blue Chip can provide you with advice and assistance with the following infrastructure migration projects:

Relocation services

IT relocation projects can often be challenging, but with our expertise, we can manage the entire process. 

We provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly hardware relocations and disposals across the whole of the UK.

Using in-house logistics experts, we migrate and dispose of hardware from some of the UK’s largest IT Data centres. We can relocate anything from a single unit to an entire site, whether it’s disaster recovery or active production equipment using a mixture of technical and logistical resource to safely relocate your hardware. Our local engineers are on hand to assist with de-installing and re-installing the more technical architecture to ensure critical systems remain maintainable.

Blue Chip understands that every relocation is unique, so we tailor a relocation service according to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for local IT moves, basic pack-and-ship operations, full relocation planning, or project management Blue Chip have the solution to help you.

Every move is different but as standard our relocations include:

  • Site surveys to document equipment being moved and to check site access (stairs, lifts, and doorways for clearance etc)
  • Optional full liability insurance
  • Local hardware engineers on stand-by with common failing parts
  • In-house logistics team and vehicles ensure that equipment is carefully and safely transported 
  • Safely decommission hardware
  • Provide labelling and packing materials
  • Loading and transportation of equipment
  • Reinstallation of the equipment
  • Lifting equipment, stair lifts & ramps where required
  • WEEE compliant disposal services

Secure certified equipment disposal

Even though Blue Chip is still maintaining systems that are well over 20 years old, and still going strong!, there comes a point where the equipment needs to be retired and disposed of.

Under the EU WEEE directive, all electronic and electrical equipment must be disposed of in a proper and legal manner. It must not go to landfill and failure to follow this directive can result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

We have been helping our customers to safely recycle their old IT equipment for over 30 years, whether it be an old tower server or a mainframe taking up an entire computer room.

Using our in-house logistics team, we can collect the old equipment and ship to our workshop where the systems will be stripped to the component level.

Any viable components will be tested and recycled for use as spares or upgrades and the rest of the system disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

We guarantee the complete destruction of data by either wiping the hard drive using specialist software which erases data to UK & US Government defence standards or by shredding the hard drive through a specialist shredding machine, reducing drives to pieces 1cm in size or less.

We can also securely erase flash storage, tapes and other storage media in line with the WEEE Directive. 

Our disposal service is highly secure and fully compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 & WEEE environmental accreditations. We can also provide a certificate of destruction.

Some of the benefits of using Blue Chip for your equipment disposal are:

  • We can securely destroy data to UK & US Government defence standards
  • We can arrange collection using our in-house Logistics Team and vehicles
  • Certificates of destruction provided
  • We can securely dispose of anything from a single drive or tape up to an entire data suite of equipment
  • At the customers discretion, viable components can be recycled helping the environment 

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Manufacturers we work with
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Reasons to work with us on your project

We pride ourselves on our teams expertise. With over 30 years experience, we’ve seen and worked with blank canvases and the most complex and intricate installations. We understand that the combination of hardware and software makes up the lifeblood of business in the 21st century and we know how to help.

  • Over 30 years of independent & impartial advice.
  • The option to purchase new, refurbished or a blend of both.
  • Systems can be pre-built & configured prior to delivery.
  • Consultancy & installation services


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