Bluechip Virtual Tape Library (VTL) for IBM i

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Bluechip Virtual Tape Library (VTL) for IBM i

Blue Chip has been delivering virtual tape library for our
customers, both as a service and a standalone product, for over
a decade. Our experience and skills have enabled us to create
a best-of-breed solution. VTL ensures that your backups are
offsite, automated, secure, encrypted and future proof.

Blue Chip’s VTL service is:


With our fully automated VTL solution, your backups will be off-site in seconds, and you can
recall them immediately.


Unlike traditional tapes, VTL solutions aren’t vulnerable to media degradation, so your backup
data is secure. We can encrypt your data both at rest and in-flight, so it’s always protected.


GDPR regulations apply to your backup data too, and the security and speed our VTL solution
makes it easy to erase and protect your sensitive customer data. 


Whether you’re looking for an on-site VTL solution or VTL as a service, Blue Chip can create a
solution that is tailored to your needs.