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Blue Chip Virtualisation Solutions

Over the past 8 years Blue Chip has built one of the largest IBM Power and Windows virtual cloud infrastructures in Europe, consisting of several million IBM i CPW and hundreds of AIX, Windows and Linux servers.

However, we recognise that not everyone is ready or able to migrate their entire server infrastructure to the cloud and that many customers still have a requirement for an on-premise x86 or IBM Power virtual environment. 

Our experience in building highly scalable, resilient virtual infrastructures means that we have the skills and expertise to assist you in deploying you own IBM Power and VMware virtualisation solutions and Blue Chip can provide all hardware, software and consultancy services needed. 

Whether you need help in building a new virtual environment, expanding an existing one, or assistance in analysing the health and performance of an existing environment Blue Chip can help.

Why buy Virtusalisation Solutions from Blue Chip?

•  Years of experience is designing & building virtual infrastructures. 

•  In-house IBM Power & x86 Virtualisation expertise 

•  Assistance with on-premise, cloud or hybrid solutions. 

•  We can supply all hardware, software & services required. 

•  Virtual infrastructure health checks & performance reviews. 

•  Server Migration Services (P2V, V2V & Cloud)


Virtulisation Health Check

All virtual infrastructures can benefit from a periodic review to make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency.

Over time factors such as changes to the storage environment, virtual server sprawl and out of date hypervisor updates/patches can impact on your virtual environment & result in performance degradation.

Reviewing your virtual infrastructure is also recommended prior to upgrading a virtual server infrastructure, such as adding/upgrading host machines or updating the hypervisor to a later release.

Blue Chip's Virtualisation Heath Check provides insight into the current configuration and helping to identify potential issues. This service uses an experienced vmware consultant who will proactively evaluate your infrastructure, helping you to optimise the configration for performance and manageability.