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Blue Chip Cloud is built with security, performance and speed of delivery at its heart. Our solutions combine the confidence and peace of mind of working with a highly secure facility for mission critical IT infrastructure, with all the agility and speed of response that you would expect from a cloud solution. 

When working with complex IT infrastructure there is often no single best location for every application with optimum environments defined by technical attributes. We take a hybrid cloud approach, advising our customers on the best location for individual workloads, all managed by the Blue Chip team as part of our cloud solution.
Our own cloud is fully software defined, which means that we are able to deliver complete customer environments within 48 hours for standard workloads.


Pay as you go – we know that processing requirements change depending on business requirements. We also know that as more organisations undergo AI testing and experimentation, this will become evermore variable. That’s why our customers can match their processing requirements to demand on an ongoing basis – saving costs whilst protecting customer experience.

Speed – because we take a software-defined approach, we can deliver built environments within 48 hours. We’re proud of the high level of automation we have constructed within our UK-based data centres, which enables us to deliver incredibly high service levels, as well as providing unrivalled testing facilities for our customers.

Connectivity –Our hybrid cloud service enables businesses to drive their own cloud solution; we can connect to other public cloud providers as chosen by our customers for those workloads that are less critical or sensitive, keeping critical infrastructure firmly under wraps within our own data centres.

Security – Our data centres are regularly audited and certified at the highest security levels, including SOC2 and PCI for managed services, which means that we adhere to the stringent security criteria mandated by the Payment Card Industry. We also deploy a vast range of security software to protect customer data, from anti-DDoS to additional firewalls. Our in-house experts are accredited to build zero trust environments and have earned security qualifications of the highest echelons.

Tailor make your own solution – choose the service and technical elements that are most important to you, using our extensive menu of options.


Introducing Blue Chip Cloud

Power Cloud

Blue Chip holds an extensive history with IBM Midrange hardware, all the way from the IBM Systems 34, 36 & 38 to AS400, RS6000, iSeries, pSeries and their ultimate platform, IBM POWER. 

Confidently anticipating the usage of a POWER system over the long term is incredibly difficult, with many businesses over- or under-estimating capacity each time they buy and own a new power system. With growing pressure to provide high service levels at a lower cost this traditional method of delivery is becoming untenable. 

Blue Chip was the first UK company to offer IBM POWER on demand, as IaaS and PaaS. This gives our clients complete flexibility over the compute and storage – after all, there are often peaks and troughs in usage, and these can be unpredictable.

We’ve used our extensive knowledge and skills in Linux, AIX, IBMi and AI, along with our IBM business partnership, to build the largest and most flexible POWER Cloud available. This includes private cloud, multi-tenant and PCI compliant POWER Cloud option, tailored to individual business needs. 
Our extensive ISV partner network enables us to provide a true SaaS to our clients.

We work to a 48-hour SLA to deliver new POWER workloads and, once live, we can provide test environments based on live system data on demand.
Our technical teams will assist you with sizing the correct solution and work closely with you to deliver the best possible migration plan, supporting you into the cloud every step of the way.

X86 Cloud for Windows and Linux workloads

Blue Chip is a longstanding Microsoft Partner and Linux specialist. We are now delivering our 4th generation of x86 cloud hosting, enabling us to provide x86 server workloads and IBM POWER close together quickly and securely. Our x86 cloud services can provide a high security location and optimum performance for your most important applications. 

Our x86 cloud services adhere to all 12 PCI_DSS requirements, the highest recognised security standard, ensuring that your data is safe with Blue Chip. 

Our specialist technical team can assist with designing the best location and safe migration plan for every workload.