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flash data storage
23 Oct 2019
You wouldn’t store your toothbrush, bleach and shower gel in the same place, would you? Even ignoring the obvious health risks of doing so, it’s simply not the done thing....

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06 Aug 2019
Vblock is an odd little word that belies the power that lies under the cover.
05 Aug 2019
Dell has designed robust and agile servers with a combination of powerful processors, large memory and fast storage so it’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more prolif
02 Aug 2019
What is 1:1 mainframe disaster recovery? It’s all about having your own dedicated back-up mainframe.
01 Aug 2019
“Sorry Mr Customer, your server is end of service and we don’t stock parts for those anymore, please upgrade!”
31 Jul 2019
Blue Chip recently worked with one of the largest companies in the midlands on some of their legacy IT servers and storage to provide an in-depth review of their data centre har
30 Jul 2019
Welcome to my area of the Blue Chip blog, a fast-track overview of new products, services and technical tips from the UNIX world, covering the multiple flavours of Linux such as
26 Jul 2019
It’s been great news for ice-cream sellers, but not so good for the IT industry as the UK faced its second-hottest day on record


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