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third-party IT maintenance
10 Jul 2020
It’s understandable why companies will go with Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support over a third-party provider. The overwhelming impression is that the vendor knows the...

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Virtual Tape Library VTL
07 May 2020
Tape backups are still widely used in IBM i environments, yet they are putting businesses at risk because tape is outdated technology that is no longer fit for purpose.
COVID-19 era working with data centre
30 Apr 2020
Every aspect of our lives has been affected by conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
disaster recovery plan
17 Apr 2020
A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan documents the procedure to protect and recover a company’s critical IT infrastructure in an event of a disaster.
third-party maintenance for IT hardware
09 Apr 2020
Third-party maintenance for IT hardware typically manages server, storage and network equipment, either in data centres or at an organisation’s premises.
working from home IT
07 Apr 2020
The UK Government has quite rightly recommended that those who can, should work from home during the continued fight against COVID-19.
What is the IBM Power Cloud?
30 Mar 2020
The IBM Power Cloud is “the best of IBM Power and the best of IBM Cloud in one, convenient, economical, self-managed, pay-as-you-use environment.”
SAP HANA cloud
27 Mar 2020
SAP HANA (High-performance Analytic Appliance) is an in-memory database that allows for rapid processing of large amounts of real-time data.
Blue Chip Cloud standing out from the others
23 Mar 2020
There’s no doubt that cloud services are the future of IT infrastructure.


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