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17 Jan 2020
Private cloud is changing to fit a multicloud or hybrid landscape. We recently attended a SAP user group event and it’s no exaggeration to say the sponsorship was dominated by...

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30 Aug 2019
IBM announces end of support for ProtecTIER®
hardware maintenance
23 Aug 2019
I regularly talk to companies from a diverse range of sectors and verticals, all of which have dealt with multiple OEM infrastructure
19 Aug 2019
With Michael Gove’s recent statement that the Government is preparing for a no-deal Brexit it seems the die is cast
16 Aug 2019
As a company, we are focused on delivering the best service to our clients that money can buy. Blue Chip always aims to be the best, and our actions support that…
15 Aug 2019
The answer to the above question is yes but let me take you through my 20 years’ experience.
Vblock maintenance
06 Aug 2019
Vblock is an odd little word that belies its power which lies under the cover.
05 Aug 2019
Dell has designed robust and agile servers with a combination of powerful processors, large memory and fast storage so it’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more prolif


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