Is your IBM storage ripe for third-party maintenance?

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20 Jun 2019
Is your IBM storage ripe for third-party maintenance?

Those of us that have bought IBM storage love the reliability. We know and trust IBM to build robust, scalable storage products that are designed to last and easy to work with, a dependable foundation for business growth.

But, and there is a but, the truth is they’re not cheap to maintain. Every year IBM increase their support prices, and while they’re building these storage systems to last, IBM doesn’t encourage us to get our money’s worth from them. Far from it, their mission is to keep selling us new hardware.

The maintenance prices go up each year, in the hope that this will encourage us just to go out and buy new hardware.

How about if you could get better maintenance and support than you’re getting today, if you could sweat those assets for longer, if there was someone out there you could go to who could offer you third-party support but, without any of that third party risk? Someone who was specialist, someone with a long track record of delivering great service…

Blue Chip has been maintaining most things IBM since 1987, delivering maintenance and support on a range of storage devices for some of the UK’s largest IBM users. Providing support that in all cases is at least equal to that of the manufacturer, but in most cases far superior.

We do this because we’re a company with a passion for delivering great service.

If you’re running any of the platforms listed below, then call me today to talk about how we can save you money on your support and help you realise an overall lower cost of ownership for longer on your storage hardware.

  • IBM Storwize V7000
  • IBM Storwize V5000
  • IBM Storwize V3700
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
  • IBM XIV (all generations)
  • IBM System Storage DS range, including DS8000, DS8100, DS8300, DS8700, DS8800 and DS8870
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This article was written by Sam Dean. As a Client Director in Blue Chip's Business Partner team, Sam works with both new and existing partners to introduce their customer base to services such as Data Centre Services, IaaS, Managed Services, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery and Break Fix Maintenance. Sam can be contacted via

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