Why sell Blue Chip multivendor maintenance?

Multivendor hardware maintenance for your data centre

I have been working with and selling through partners for many years now and I find it surprising that, even in today’s market, some specialist partners are persevering with pushing single vendor Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. Then, they wonder why business is lost when a large global third-party maintainer comes along and sweeps up maintenance from their customers. It is not just the little bit of IBM, HPE or Dell equipment they have, but the whole lot – mainframe, mid-range systems, storage, X86, and networking. All flavours from all vendors.

We need to get smarter and work together by offering multivendor maintenance to our customers too. Here at Blue Chip, we made the shift to maintaining all vendor hardware over the years, and everyone’s winning.

What’s in it for you, and what’s in it for the customer…

Cost versus service

Working in IT maintenance for over three decades, we have noticed that the driving force for many large global third parties is cost. Although they are cheap, this can mean a sacrifice on the service provided. Corners are cut with these providers, leading to a disappointing level of customer service.

At Blue Chip, we have built a solid reputation for delivering great service on IBM platforms. We continue the same service ethic across all the platforms we now support, plus, the savings are substantial when compared with the OEM. For every £100,000 you spend with an OEM, you save £50,000 by moving the support to Blue Chip, allowing the savings to be passed on to your customer and you can make more margin than you ever could before.

Blue Chip is a risk adverse organisation and would never take on anything we could not maintain to our exceptional standards.

Ease of contract management

By consolidating your contracts into one for everything means reduced time spent negotiating and administering contracts, renewals, and adding or removing equipment. You will have one account manager, one relationship to manage, and one monthly service review. What could be simpler?

Simple service model

No fuss about who is logging which calls with which vendor. You will have one number to call for all call logging and queries. We want to make it as easy for you to attain our support.

Life cycles beyond manufacturers’ end-of-service

Our maintenance service enables us to extend the life of the hardware, maximising the assets for longer and providing a better return on investment.  Freeing you from the restraints of the OEMs and no longer being forced to allocate budgets on procuring new hardware that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Service improvements

Blue Chip was founded on providing exceptional support to our customer and it is still what drives our company and staff today. Here are 7 reasons why our service is unrivalled:

  • Hardware maintenance services for over 33 years
  • UK-based high-level tech support team – specialists in their own platform disciplines
  • Named local engineers, nationwide
  • All parts required to maintain all contracted hardware held, in wholly-owned UK stock
  • Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Enhanced security with background-checked engineers
  • Support that goes above and the manufacturer’s standard service

The advantage for our partners

Our strong position as a provider of multivendor hardware maintenance gives a helping hand to our partners. We can also help you to:

  • Retain your customer. Sell them multivendor before someone else does and not lose your piece of specialist business to a big global third-party maintainer.
  • Protect your customer. Once you sign a customer to any Blue Chip annuity support, that customer is protected from Blue Chip’s direct sales team. Locking them into you for all other services/sales opportunity.
  • Increase the overall value of the customer. A multivendor maintenance contract can add up to some big numbers. This will help you to hit those all-important targets.
  • Gain bigger margins. As the OEMs usually dictate a maximum margin, the savings with our support are substantial enough for you to make much healthier margins.
  • Embrace a new level of flexibility, as we’re much smaller and more agile than the OEMs, we have a better understanding of how your business works and how we can compliment you.

Call the business partner team today to talk through how we can help make everyone a winner!


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