Why partner with Blue Chip for IBM maintenance services?

IBM maintenance engineer

Hardware maintenance you can rely on

Whether you are reselling manufacturer maintenance, or an end customer who has the responsibility for keeping your business’s infrastructure maintained and in working condition Blue Chip can support your needs.

Blue Chip goes about delivering support and maintenance the old-fashioned way. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional support and nothing can replace having an expert actually on site, standing in front of your machine and putting it back on its feet. It’s this personal touch that has seen us establish relationships with over 800 organisations.

Partners trust us

Working with IBM equipment for three decades has given us a unique standpoint that no other third party maintenance provider can match. That is why we are trusted in supporting the end customers of 80 partners!

9 reasons why you should use Blue Chip’s third-party maintenance:

  • IBM hardware specialists for 33 years, for any environment running business critical applications.
  • UK based high level tech support team. Bringing our customers over 250 years of cumulative technical IBM hardware experience, each providing specialist support for their own platform discipline.
  • Named local engineers who are attending a call rate of less than 2 calls each per day – we believe in quality, not quantity.
  • We guarantee to hold and stock all our parts in the UK to maintain all contracted hardware, and the parts are wholly owned by Blue Chip. 
  • The ability to provide access to firmware fixes. This is totally unique in the third party market!
  • In-house third-party software maintenance (SWMA)  – providing exceptional AIX and i5/OS on-call support 24x7x365. This is the ideal replacement for IBM software maintenance without risk for POWER7 and older on out of support OS levels. (POWER8 and newer can also sometimes fit the model but further detail would be required.)
  • The software and hardware technical support teams will work together to provide a complete solution to fix a problem. Not only are these staff in the same country, they are in the same building and can talk and work together with ease.
  • Potential savings on current IT maintenance costs – average savings of £50,000 in every £100,000 spent.
  • Protect your customer – once you sign a customer to any Blue Chip annuity support, that customer is protected from Blue Chip’s direct sales team. Locking them into you, for all other services/sales opportunity.

When you dive into the detail and complete the right level of due diligence, you, like our hundreds of other customers will see it’s easy to make the switch to Blue Chip’s IBM maintenance. Out of all the third-party providers, we are the UK’s leading IBM systems experts.


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