Why consolidate from multiple OEMs’ data centre maintenance agreements?

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I regularly talk to companies from a diverse range of sectors and verticals, all of which have dealt with multiple OEM infrastructure hardware maintenance contracts. What comes up time and time again, are these areas where they feel the OEM has let them down…

  • Reassurance
  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

We provide solutions in all these areas, so it’s no surprise these organisations consolidate their maintenance hardware contracts with Blue Chip.

These advantages have proven to be key factors in business growth. Let me clarify how we achieve this for businesses like yours.


Working with Blue Chip, you have a partner which has been established for over 30 years, supplying over 2,000 bespoke active maintenance contracts.

We have a workforce highly trained in infrastructure break/fix support across a multitude of different servers, storage and network equipment such as Dell EMC, IBM, Cisco and HPe, to name but a few.

Our coverage is nationwide, with named regional engineers fully trained in multivendor support. Spare parts and stock are stored within our wholly-owned secure sites in the UK.

Cost savings

We typically provide discounts of around 60% from that of the OEM, enabling companies to redeploy that spend to scale other areas of their business.

Additional levels beyond 60% can and have been achieved, through consolidating a multitude of OEM contracts into one simplified agreement with Blue Chip.

The cost reductions don’t end there. Thanks to our regional maintenance specialists, we can customise a bespoke agreement for your requirements, identifying key areas that you may not be aware of, to provide higher levels of service and decreasing your expenditure. 


Blue Chip provides the ability to add and/or remove systems with ease, on a single consolidated contract. You also have other options available throughout the term of support.

With our extensive in-house stock repository, we will ensure prior, to commencement of any maintenance contract, that the necessary spares are located at secure forward operating sites, close to your estates to guarantee SLAs.


Our contracts mean 24×7 cover all year round, with access to named regional engineers at any time during the day or night. They will be already familiar with your IT estate and key personnel, ensuring a swift resolution to any technical issue.

If you’re faced with the nightmare of spiralling OEM maintenance contracts, why not talk to Blue Chip to ensure that these key pillars are in place for your next renewal? Click here to contact us.


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