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Modern IT technology moves at an ever-growing pace. For some organisations it can be exhausting to keep up with constant change – OS patches, firmware updates, hardware utilisation etc, while other organisations have already thrown the kitchen sink at the problem and can keep up with this unrelenting pace. But at what cost?

When I ask the CEO of one of my customers what business they are in, rarely do they say IT infrastructure – and why would they? Yet they still invest in their own IT infrastructure.

All any company should be interested in is their data. After all, IT infrastructure is no more than a vessel to securely hold, manipulate and distribute business application data, making it available whenever a business needs it.

Data is precious, so it is important to get the infrastructure right. That is why increasingly companies are looking at IT in a different way. Many of our customers are now looking at their IT infrastructure and asking us to keep up with the pace of technology by providing hardware as a service in the cloud, asking us to patch and upgrade operating systems, manage backups and all the tasks every other IT user has to deal with every day. By analysing the commonalities within their IT, we can move them to a managed Service, allowing them to invest more focus in their own Business Data.

Blue Chip provide flexible, secure, resilient technology in a tier 4 design data centre environment and manage it up to Operating system level, giving customers the opportunity to focus on what they really need from their business application data.

Customers can buy Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Blue Chip under the SLA’s their company requires, making delivery and availability of infrastructure part of the service.

Our Private Cloud models cover the IBM iSeries, pSeries, and x86 Wintel environments.

We take away the hassle of technology and allow customers to focus on what they are best at, their own business!


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