Why buy a UK based IBM Power and x86 Cloud Solution?

Why would I place my IBM iSeries or pSeries in a UK based cloud I hear you ask? Good question and I have listed some reasons below.

  1. Technical Skill – with the UK financial services heavily using iSeries and pSeries the UK is a mecca for these IT skills and the UK is easily as good as the USA
  2. Price – The UK is significantly cheaper than the USA and most European countries. So why outsource to India or China when the UK is almost as cheap and is technically superior.
  3. English – The UK has this massive advantage. I sometimes wonder what the real cost is to businesses when things get lost in translation.
  4. POWER – European (specifically UK, France and Germany) power supplies are the most reliable on the planet.
  5. Internet communications – the UK is pretty much central to the whole World and has capacity, resilience and competition. This equals reliability and cost advantages.
  6. Weather – The UK weather is boring! There are no hurricanes, giant tornados, heat waves, or mass floods.
  7. Geography and Geology – In the UK we don’t worry about earth quakes, landslides or tidal waves.
  8. Commercial due diligence – Nobody wants to get a great deal with a supplier if that company is going out of business next year. In the UK companies over a certain size have annual financial audits which provide an independent financial picture of a companies balance sheet.
  9. Carry out a GEMBA – lots of companies have flash websites and marketing material. However many companies rent datacentre space off unstable co-location providers or commercially unstable companies who don’t operate to the standard you expect. So take a GEMBA of your suppliers data centre, meet and quiz their staff and management. Flights to the UK from Europe cost as little as $100 and $600 from USA, India or Singapore..

Although located in the UK, Blue Chip is a Global leader when it comes to providing IBM power cloud solutions to customers around the World. Blue Chip have customers in country’s including USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Japan, and Australia, to name a few.

Blue Chip own their data centres with close to 1,000 racks of capacity. They have built an IBM power cloud with the support of IBM based upon IBM power server technology and have a range of underlying IBM power servers configured and able to provide solutions from the latest power7+, power 6, power 5, and even power 4. This allows Blue Chip to provide versions of AIX and OS400 from the latest version to older unsupported versions of operating systems.

Most customers use the service to run their production IBM POWER and x86 servers, however increasingly we are seeing the take up of the Power Cloud to run other services like, Development, test and UAT, legacy application hosting, or to provide disaster recovery HA solutions using products such as POWERHA, HACMP, iCluster, Mimix, Itera and Quick EDD.

If you are interested in finding out more about Blue Chip’s Power Cloud drop me a line.


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