Why businesses use us for data centre lifecycle management

data centre lifecycle management

From the day your business case was approved, the necessary IT assets in the solution have been costing you money, time and resources while delivering benefit to the bottom line of your business. As time moves on, the cost of supporting those assets increases as software charges, maintenance costs and the retention of skilled resources becomes ever costlier.

End-of-life software support, rare and expensive replacement components and upgrades (if you can get them) continue to drain your budget and frustrate your staff and ultimately the business owner questions the viability and then starts the new business case for the new solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to extend the life cycle of the solution that you know could continue to deliver benefit to your business’s bottom line?

The answer is in Blue Chip’s Data Centre Lifecycle Management, which prolongs the life of your assets, improves capabilities, steers your way through engineering changes to ensure safe and secure operation and provides credible software support to get you out of the end-of-life trap.

For 30 years, Blue Chip has been providing data centre support options for every size of business, keeping your most vital assets running at optimum performance levels.

From the day your IT assets are acquired, they benefit from some form of warranty. At worst case, return to base and at best, an on-site two-hour fix. This is all factored into the initial cost of your asset, potentially, but not usually, including software maintenance for those essential early-years security and performance fixes (not to mention bugs). After the honeymoon period (that’s your warranty phase), comes a bewildering range of support offerings from on-site support through to migration into a cloud (Public or Private). With a wide range of services, Blue Chip can assist you through this minefield.

The reasons why Blue Chip is right for you

From supporting the initial business case, through to acquisition and installation, Blue Chip’s Solution Sales Team will be keen to provide you with advantages to match your business’s ambitions.

  • Managed supply and installations of servers ranging from entry-level to highly-scalable virtual host and Oracle/SAP HANA database platforms
  • Upgrades and parts for both new and older legacy systems
  • Options for buying new, refurbished or a blend of both

All systems can be pre-built and configured prior to delivery.


We are the leading independent provider of data centre maintenance in the UK, each of our engineers has over 20 years’ experience on mission-critical IT, with more than 28 IBM Z Systems on contract, we have the proven expertise to deliver the highest quality service. In the UK, Blue Chip supports more IBM Power Systems than anyone else – including IBM. This culminates in us being the largest IBM Power cloud provider in Europe, with 3.0m IBM i CPW.

We achieve our tight SLAs and client commitments by holding genuine OEM parts, including complete mainframes and LICCC-enabled parts, so we’re always ready to make rapid fixes. Typically, our contracts will include on-site parts, enabling us to easily meet fix-based SLAs.

Our UK-based IBM Z remote support facility monitors your systems, alerting us to issues and enabling us to fix them before they cause disruption for your business. Using our national engineering and logistics infrastructure, our customers trust us with some of the UK’s most essential infrastructure, from some of our largest financial institutions to well-known high street retailers and global pharmaceutical firms.

In a future blog entry, we’ll showcase the innovations we’ve achieved in software maintenance.

Traditional and DRaaS Disaster Recovery

Boost your business’s resilience with either Blue Chip’s traditional Disaster Recovery or as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution. We believe that taking the holistic approach to business resiliency is the best way to ensure that your business is prepared for outages.

If you choose our DRaaS service, you’ll benefit from access to the experts. We have a track record when it comes to protecting our customers’ IT infrastructures, thanks to our specialists in DR, hardware, networks, applications and infrastructure. Using all the latest tools and technologies, we resolve any issues you’re facing and recover your systems as quickly as possible.

For Blue Chip, this is a predictable process. Cloud, hybrid and on-premise scenarios are second nature to our technical experts, and we address your RTO and RPO requirements. Our robust SLAs are guaranteed, so you know what to expect in the event of a disaster.

We support a wide range of technologies which include IBM i, AIX, Linux and Windows. We also support your x86 and AMD hardware, storage, network, private and public cloud environments.

Staff augmentation (local and remote)

It’s no secret that the industry is running out of personnel with mainframe experience; due to age and retirement. Our commitment means that expertise is not dying off, it is still possible to find experienced mainframe people as we have a skills pool available to our clients for project-requirements-specific activity. We have one of the largest in-house pool of AIX professionals in the UK, with specialist skills covering Linux and Windows environments.

The pool of talent we have built up, maintains its currency due to the wide range of managed services provided to our clients and the on-going requests from our extensive financial and retail client base.

Second-user upgrades

Blue Chip has been supplying customers with refurbished data centre hardware, including network and storage systems since 1987. Our customers can upgrade and enhance their IT infrastructure for a reduced cost, yet with the maximum business benefit.

New hardware always has a premium price for new features and technology which may not deliver a tangible benefit to your business.

By working with our customers to determine what their real business needs are, we help them to decide whether a new or refurbished system would better meet their requirements. Companies look to Blue Chip to add a significant amount of extra compute, storage or networking to their data centre environments.

Unlike most suppliers of pre-owned hardware, our refurbished systems are reconditioned to the highest standards, in our own workshops by certified engineers. We ensure the refurbished hardware you buy from us, is of the best possible quality and can be trusted to support your business-critical applications. All refurbished hardware is backed up by a comprehensive no-quibble warranty.


Blue Chip can host your mainframe in our purpose-built Tier 4 design data centre. Our mainframe co-location service includes rack space, power, N+1 generators and UPS systems and powerful air-conditioning.

Remote IBM zOS-managed service

The in-house management of mainframes can be highly expensive.  It often involves substantial and ongoing investment in software, hardware, facilities and support. Many clients now use our fully managed service to manage their mainframe from end-to-end, whether it’s sat within the client’s data centre, hosted in one of our data centres, or running on our shared cloud mainframe infrastructure. Whatever option they choose, we provide 24×7 operational monitoring and support.

Blue Chip’s mainframe managed services encompass a comprehensive set of functional areas, designed to handle all your needs. These offerings are ideal for customers who want to be able to focus on their core business, without the problems associated with managing a mainframe environment and retaining the necessary support skills. The managed services solution provides a wide range of proven services, capabilities, delivery processes and operations management which minimise performance-related issues and safeguard data. In this manner, we deliver high availability, stability and capacity on demand while lowering per-unit cost and total cost of ownership.

We possess the expertise needed to mobilise the people, resources, methodologies and delivery mechanisms which fully support our clients’ infrastructure. In turn, this delivers an environment that is completely reliable and performance sensitive. In using our mainframe managed services, many clients benefit from service standardisation and a cost-effective shared utility/cloud.


Our complete IT disposal service starts from the disconnecting and de-installation of the equipment through to safely decommissioning the hardware and packaging to loading and transportation of equipment.

Using our own logistics team and vehicles, the disposal service is highly secure and fully compliant to ISO 14001 and WEEE regulatory standards for IT equipment disposal. Our 24×7 services are available throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

Grab the advantage now

We’re ready to talk with you on the data centre maintenance services your organisation needs. Contact us now to discover the cost savings and business benefits you can achieve.


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