Why automation and orchestration are a digital springboard for your business

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IBM i enables a greater degree of automation and orchestration
18 Mar 2019
Why automation and orchestration are a digital springboard for your business

I would never describe myself as overly technical. More imaginative, idealistic and forward thinking. In my first six weeks at Blue Chip, when I started my journey into the IT industry with Blue Chip, I knew less than Jon Snow.

Now I am starting to understand and explore the vast potential which IT can deliver to businesses who decide to pioneer and proactively embrace change. One area of business technology which has really caught my attention, is that of Automation.

When I think of Automation, my mind focuses on Artificial Intelligence, robotics and driverless cars. Is this the future? It certainly looks that way.

Of course, cynics could write these off as just another collection of buzzwords to add to your next PowerPoint presentation.

However, I see Automation, as well as Orchestration, as a great enabler, so businesses can achieve strategic goals which align with the fast-moving technology revolution. How are we defining this?

  • Automation is the act of setting up a singular task to run on its own, this could be anything from security fixes to integrating an application.
  • Orchestration is arranging, coordinating and managing many individual automated tasks to carry out a larger overall process or workflow.

As I see it, this translates to orchestration being a managed set of smaller automated tasks working seamlessly together to execute one or many larger tasks. It doesn’t sound that simple, but it works towards simplification.

What does this mean for the bottom line?

The real incentive for businesses is not the inner workings of automation and orchestration, but the results of it when deployed competently and in the correct environment. This is not just a case of automating a task but automating many tasks in the correct order.

For business, Automation and Orchestration proves prosperous. It reduces friction between different teams and standardises processes. This increases productivity, reliability, consistency and repeatability.

It all leads to these three impressive outcomes.

  1. Reducing long term costs
  2. Increasing profits
  3. Galvanising the customer experience

It’s a business’s dream, eliminating menial tasks, automating processes which used to take an age and helping employees work to the best of their abilities.

As an employee you could assume the implementation of Automation/Orchestration would threaten your job. Thankfully, this is not the case. The technology is designed to help us achieve the highest levels of productivity and quality output, significantly elevating your business’s reputation. With this becoming the norm, resulting in significant time-saving, which enables a higher production of innovations.

There is a vital harmony needed to implement automation and orchestration. With one should come the other. To automate processes on their own is one thing, and to manage processes is another.

Taking it all on with IBM i

The digital agility, resiliency and dependability of this operating system is simply astounding. However, IBM i - in comparison to x86 and even AIX workloads – has been given the perception of being ‘behind’ in many aspects. Be that as it may, there are many development opportunities with iOS, for example using Python.

You can define automated processes in a set, defined and accurate workflow to achieve a consistent, repeatable and rapid result. This provides the flexibility and speed of deployment, platform agnostically. In addition, it brings the greatest advantage to IBM i, whilst ensuring enterprise-class workloads are easily handled, plus the assurance of integrated security.

Using consistent and templated approaches we deliver cloud test and production environments, even for IBM i workloads, within just 48 hours.

Establish Automation and Orchestration in your business

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This article was written by Kieran Gash.

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