Where to look for ProtecTIER end of life support?

ProtecTIER end of life support

Yet another headache in the wonderful world of IT. For several years, major corporates – at least 500 to our knowledge – have been trusting their virtual back-up and restore methodologies on IBM’s ProtecTIER family of products. It did a fantastic job.

As we come to the close of 2020, we’ve hit the ‘end of life’ phase for this product. 

Where does a lack of official support for ProtecTIER leave you? 

For those companies fortunate to have maintained a complete set of internal skills, the debate of what to do now has already happened and plans are in place. However, for those companies less fortunate, a daunting task lies ahead. 

The good news is that there are several options available to businesses looking to move that way forward. Sadly, we’ve seen no complete service so far.

The well-known options are expensive, have no cloud options, lack serious deduplication and offer a woeful lack of flexibility. The offerings from less well-known companies have the same deduplication issues but add to the problem, since they can’t scale appropriately and lack the credibility needed for such a large business critical activity. 

For those in or considering the cloud as the way forward, AWS have joined the party. Yet, surprisingly they offer no deduplication, no AIX or IBM i support and have performance limitations. And don’t get started on the cost of data ingress and egress!

The ‘do nothing’ option is always there, but I fear your Compliance Officer may have something to say about it! 

For many users, a strategy centred on backing up to tape and archiving data might have sufficed, but the unexpected global COVID-19 pandemic prompts a rethink to this plan.

Your next step for ProtecTIER end of life support

At Blue Chip we really don’t think that there is a simple ‘aspirin’ to resolve this headache, as the ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work. 

With over 33 years of IBM experience and running Europe’s largest IBM Power cloud, we currently safeguard over 14PB of data and provide backup and recovery services to over 100 customers.

To be able to securely deliver this, our proven track record of delivering backup and recovery solutions for our own internal IT managed services as well as delivering for end client-owned hardware estates, gives us a unique position to assist. It’s all based on expert capability as well as proven experience and an end user point of view. If you’re looking for vital protection, contact us today.


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