Where can you go for IBM AIX Cloud Services?

IBM AIX cloud

Many companies would think if they wanted to run IBM AIX (IBM pSeries or even RS/6000 to many) applications in the cloud, it would be natural to get on the telephone to their IBM account manager and get them to send their proposal in for consideration.

However in reality, IBM and the other big boys (the likes of CSC, Cap Gemini, Atos, Acenture, HP etc) in the IT outsourcing world are just not agile enough, nor are they ready to deliver enterprise cloud solutions for IBM AIX without charging two arms and three legs. Yes we’re talking big bucks and big solutions.

So many people get on the telephone to their IBM resellers who try to sell them new tin / new metal.

If you are interested in placing your IBM AIX applications into the Cloud, Blue Chip run a mixture of high end Power7 servers so you can run the latest technology, as well as some older POWER5 and POWER6 servers which allow us to provision AIX versions 4 and 5 for customers with legacy applications.  The AIX cloud model will eliminate operational expenditure and drastically reduce your operational expenditure at the same time.

The UK is a great place to have an IBM Power cloud solution. Whether your business is located in America, Europe or Asiapac, our UK technical staff speak English as their 1st language, while IT standards in the UK are as good as anywhere in the World.


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