When can we stop talking about the ‘cloud’?

Cloud computing

I read with interest an article talking about the term ‘the cloud’ and how it is used. Whilst for some people in companies the terminology is relevant, for the majority of people the term cloud computing is an irrelevant terminology. All users are interested in (and I am one), is logging on and getting their files, it is irrelevant where they are stored, whether it be onsite or whether it is offsite and accessed via a ‘cloud’; as long as the user can get the required information then in many ways the fact that they use “the cloud” is neither here nor there. I just need to know that my files are available whenever I want them from wherever I am.

The article makes a good point in that it will be like the atmosphere: all around us, invisible, and only important when we don’t have access to it. This then puts an onus on companies hosting and managing these clouds and solutions to ensure that they provide that robust infrastructure to support ‘the cloud’ and also for companies to ensure that those all important backups are carried out. So whilst the terminology of cloud computing may still be used it does make a good point of when will the term become integrated with other services or will it still maintain its own individuality?

The full article is at http://gigaom.com/2011/11/29/when-can-we-stop-talking-about-the-cloud/

Image Source: http://www.thetechlabs.com


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