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Blue Chip at Cloud Expo London 2019
02 May 2019
What we learnt at Cloud Expo

This was our first year exhibiting at Cloud Expo and I must say it was a great success. Our team had some great conversations, but the reoccurring question seemed to be "What is the easiest way to migrate our SAP systems from ECC to S/4HANA?"

With the 2025 deadline for the end of ECC support looming, we weren’t surprised it was a hot topic!

This question opened up a much wider discussion which more often than not brought us full circle back to underlying infrastructure and what options are open to organisations when considering a move of business-critical systems such as their SAP estate.

What delegates were telling us

The first theme that was highlighted as discussions got underway, was the challenge involved with sizing SAP landscapes. Notoriously difficult, with archiving/license requirements and the not unusual ‘oversell’ of capacity and services, are all in the mix for customers with a sizable footprint.

The second theme centred on the time restrictions from the 2025 deadline given to organisations for initiating a migration period - which typically lasts for two years or more. Throw in the relatively limited availability of partners with a skill set wide enough to offer an end-to-end migration delivery and we should probably start to think about making a start on a plan.

However, our friends at Centiq can help with options. If a full technical and functional migration (with all the benefits S/4 brings) isn’t reality by 2025, a stepping stone move could be Suite on HANA. A much smaller project cycle, with a technical upgrade to your database but without a change to your actual business process.

Finally, with a SAP HANA migration project on the cards, a discussion around where all that lovely SAP data sits was the obvious next chat! 'Cloud first' strategies are the new normal, but worries around total cost of ownership and compliance were recurring over the two days.

With all the above in mind what was apparent was that by partnering with Centiq we had created an offering that businesses are crying out for! Bringing our infrastructure management skills and combining them with Centiq’s SAP expertise we have created a SAP private cloud offering, that was making some ripples!

Why our new Blue Chip Cloud SAP (Private) was a hit...

  • Taking control of the (unaccounted for) costs
  • Keeping your data in the UK
  • Dramatically reduces your TCO
  • Remaining in a secure-yet-flexible environment
  • Being able to use public cloud providers if you want, when you want
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This article was written by Charlie Hawkins.

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