What is third-party maintenance for IT hardware?

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09 Apr 2020
What is third-party maintenance for IT hardware?

Third-party maintenance for IT hardware typically manages server, storage and network equipment, either in data centres or at an organisation’s premises. As ‘third party’ suggests, this type of maintenance is an alternative to the traditional Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) post-warranty support, which tends to be expensive.

To understand the features of third-party maintenance, you need to know how it’s different to OEM maintenance, which is the type of support that’s typically the default for most data centres. However, in recent times, third-party maintenance has risen in popularity, which is why most companies tend to use this approach as their primary form of maintenance.

The lifecycle of your equipment is a vital factor when looking at options for your maintenance strategy when using an OEM approach. Here’s the most vital question to ask:

Your hardware is performing without failure and it’s not causing any problems at the end of lifecycle, is it necessary to replace or upgrade?

The old saying ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ springs to mind here, but for customers, there is usually pressure from an OEM insisting that an upgrade or renewal is necessary when systems hit their end-of-life phrase. These vendors will encourage customers to buy new at the end of the lifecycle or if not, they will charge an expensive amount to continue maintaining their existing equipment, which is not favourable for the customer.

The main way OEMs influence customers to buy new, is to offer a brand new system at a broadly similar price to extended maintenance. A customer will most likely invest in a new machine, for that ‘box fresh’ feeling. After all, who wouldn’t want the ‘latest and greatest’?

The cost-friendly alternative

What makes third-party maintenance attractive, is that once a customer’s equipment reaches the end-of-life date yet is performing well without any issues, they can be provided with maintenance at a much lower cost than the OEM offers.

In many cases, especially with Blue Chip, third-party maintenance providers can consolidate all maintenance contracts into one. There is an impressive amount of reasons for businesses to consider this option:

  • Reduced complexity for you
  • A heavier focus on customisation for your business
  • Wider availability of contract length choices
  • Greater flexibility in coverage options
  • Increased budget and better timing for your next hardware refresh

Blue Chip provides a third-party maintenance service that includes all the above benefits and more. We can cover maintenance for multiple manufacturers, covering anything in the four walls of a data centre.

We can also tap into our network of partners to provide consistent maintenance across various European countries and North America. These reasons galvanise the reputation we have as a multivendor maintenance provider.

Get in contact with Blue Chip today if you’re looking to make cost-savings across your IT infrastructure.

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This article was written by Ajay Paul.

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