IT server warranty

You may already know all too well that organisations are asking for more from IT professionals, with less resource, in a bid to cut costs and save money. IT infrastructure, unfortunately, isn’t free from these financial constraints.

When an organisation buys new infrastructure they get a standard warranty from the equipment manufacturer included in the cost – just like you would if you purchased electrical goods for your home. The cost will cover the equipment for a small number of years, much smaller than the lifecycle of the equipment, but your IT professionals are grateful for it. During the warranty period, IT professionals know that the servers are not their problem. If something goes wrong, if something breaks, or short-circuits then the team have a number to call and an engineer will visit to take the pain away.

Except that number is rarely needed, if ever. In many cases during warranty, the number gets thrown into the back of a drawer or sits in an email folder unused.

Fast forward three years, the honeymoon period is over. The warranty on your equipment is coming to an end, and maybe your server is starting to show that. The original equipment manufacturer has you exactly where they want you. They put doubt in your mind that your infrastructure won’t last, and you’ll be the one organisation that has the major incident the week after the warranty expires. If these machines are organisation critical, you know you cannot afford for it to start causing you problems.

The sensible course of action is to get two quotes: a quote to buy new servers and a quote for extended warranty. The cost of the new servers seems reasonable for what you are getting, but the cost of extended warranty is ridiculous. You have one option – you may as well buy new servers.

However, there are hundreds of third-party x86/Windows maintenance organisations that would love to maintain your kit. They would charge you a fraction of the extended warranty and give you an alternative to buying new servers.

Blue Chip is renowned for excellent maintenance service on IBM mid-range and enterprise systems, but we don’t shout enough about our x86 capabilities. Nearly 50% of our technical teams are now made up of Intel specialists. IBM has excellent platforms, but we understand the market is changing. Multi-platform is essential to an IT strategy of any successful organisation.

Our engineers are trained for x86 maintenance – allowing them to perform the same world-class level of service we provide on IBM kit. This training has meant we are able to support hundreds of different servers and parts in house; hugely reducing cost and allowing us to offer extremely competitive prices. You could consolidate contracts, keep your same friendly Blue Chip engineer, and extend the life of your x86 servers for much longer than the warranty period.


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