IBM Power transition to the cloud

We’ve handled IBM systems since 1987

You’re probably thinking ‘what gives Blue Chip the right to call themselves IBM experts?’ and so you should. Any business that describes themselves as experts should be able to prove how they acquired this title.

IBM was founded in 1911, and through the last century, completely revolutionised computing. From a 5 megabyte drive weighing over one ton in 1956, to a 4 terabyte solid state drive that can fit in the palm of your hand. It’s safe to say that computing has come a long way, and it won’t stop here!

Although Blue Chip’s history of configuring, supporting, and maintaining IBM systems doesn’t span over a century, we do have over three decades of IBM knowledge and experience. Not to mention our much-envied roster of IBM trained and certified technical staff.

Our National Sales Director, Matthew Bailey, had this to say about our IBM expertise:

 “We’ve been maintaining IBM branded equipment and its various predecessors since 1987. We can deliver your system as a private cloud system within Blue Chip, provide it on a multi-tenant cloud system within Blue Chip Cloud, or manage it on the public cloud.”

As Matthew said, we can deliver your IBM Power System into our cloud. Unlike many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Blue Chip give you the flexibility to choose whether your IT environment resides in the public cloud, a multi-tenant cloud system in Blue Chip Cloud, or as a private cloud. As our staff hold a vast amount of knowledge on IBM systems and cloud infrastructure, we are happy to support and consult businesses through their decision-making process.

Making a transition to the cloud

A renowned chain of department stores has been a Blue Chip customer since 2004. After they encountered issues with another cloud hosting service, we were called upon to execute a software-defined cloud migration.

The retailer’s dated IBM systems had been running critical workloads including HR and accounts for decades. Their IT Program Manager, realised the maintenance on these systems was becoming too expensive and they should look at migrating to a more stable platform. 

The business engaged their main IT partner with this cloud migration, but after seeing what was proposed they realised it would cause too much downtime and the project would take too long to complete. The IT Program Manager knew our expertise in IBM systems and cloud migration was undisputed. He said:

“We approached Blue Chip to see if they could provide the service instead. They were quick to respond with a proposal that was better value. It was also a much better technical solution and we were confident in their ability to execute the project well.”

The cloud migration was completed in the timeframe, with no data lost. The IT Program Manager was impressed.

“Blue Chip is a very knowledgeable and professional organisation. I always thought highly of them from past experiences, and our most recent experience with them confirmed what I already thought”.

Blue Chip’s Cloud and software-defined data centre

Over 10 years ago, we built our data centre from the ground up. Not only do we hold an abundance of IBM equipment, we also built Blue Chip Cloud on IBM Power and we use IBM’s FlashCore storage to hold both our customers and our own data. This gives us a unique standpoint to offer advice and support as we have the inside knowledge of configuring, running, and maintaining IBM systems.

As our primary data centre has been built to a Tier IV design standard, we have an impressive record in uptime, security and resilience. It’s why we’re a prime choice for companies across many industries looking to make a transition to the cloud.

Need an expert for your IBM Power environment?

All our expertise is encapsulated by our IBM Platinum Business Partner status. If you need expert advice on an IBM system, whether it be AS/400 or IBM i, Blue Chip should be your only option. Get in contact with us today for advice and support.


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