IBM Power Cloud

The IBM Power Cloud is “the best of IBM Power and the best of IBM Cloud in one, convenient, economical, self-managed, pay-as-you-use environment.”

According to 451 Research, 90% of companies are on the cloud, with experts stating 60% of workloads were running on a hosted cloud service in 2019. As more enterprises look to the cloud in 2020 to modernise or upgrade their existing infrastructure and streamline business processes, there are many options from major service providers.

However, IBM Power Cloud leads the way. It covers both virtual and hardware, whilst delivering self-service provisioning and flexible management.

Perfectly balancing freedom and control

Interestingly, nearly 80% of the Fortune 100 have IBM Power Systems running their most mission-critical workloads, but previously there were few cost-effective ways to deploy Power-based IT resources on-premises and off-premises. This was the driving factor for IBM in creating the IBM Power Cloud, allowing enterprises to overcome their hybrid multicloud obstacles and make the most of their resources. Which is just one of the reasons IBM Power sits within the Blue Chip Cloud.

Upgrading to the IBM Power Cloud or the Blue Chip Cloud: The rewards to be reaped

With IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud, you’re able to begin multiple development projects without waiting for time-consuming capital budget approvals. There’s also the opportunity to reduce test times, even when running multiple tests in conjunction with one another, while you’re guaranteed a dependable, fast and efficient network that’s 100% owned and operated by IBM Cloud.

The same can be said about the Blue Chip Cloud, harnessing the power and resiliency of IBM Power with 100% ownership over it. Blue Chip and IBM alike, you get the capacity and agility, making it easier to keep budgets under control at all times, maintaining competitiveness in your field.  For example, you can take full advantage of ‘pay-as-you-use’ to heighten operational performance.

Retaining competitiveness with powerful and scalable infrastructure

Just earlier this year, Google Cloud Platform announced they have partnered with IBM to offer ‘Power Systems as a Service’ on its cloud environment. This just shows us that the IBM Power Cloud is standing out among the big tech powerhouses and could be the future of cloud systems. With its ability to provision environments quickly, the Blue Chip Cloud and IBM Power Cloud provide agility like no other, allowing enterprises to identify issues before they arise, monitoring infrastructure and processes to “build a smarter tomorrow”. If you’re looking to tackle demanding AI and Linux-based workloads using POWER9-based architecture, these two Power Clouds can drive mobility through modernisation, ensuring data is easy to manage as your enterprise grows.

If you are not looking to just deploy test and development workloads, but mission-critical production environments too, Blue Chip Cloud comes out on top. Allowing its customers to have the control of scaling up or down, but also supporting them with a fully managed operating system and availability zones in the U.K. The Blue Chip Cloud also supports both software and hardware replication, whereas IBM only supports software as a migration option. If you want a much more rounded service and peace of mind knowing that support is always there, Blue Chip is your choice.

Are you looking to move over to the cloud?

From the outset, moving to the cloud can seem like a particularly daunting task for many organisations, but with 83% of enterprise workloads expected to be in the cloud by 2020, the need for scalability, security and cost effectiveness can’t be ignored. With this hybrid multicloud platform from Blue Chip, organisations can respond to new demands very quickly, improving asset utilisation, flexibility and responsiveness over traditional infrastructure, whilst minimising complexity.

With new technological advancements happening all of the time, enterprises can run data-heavy workloads faster, delivering insights to make improvements. Whether your top priority is boosting agility, minimising costs, securing infrastructure, meeting compliance demands, making the most of your resources, or preparing for the future; the Blue Chip Cloud can revolutionise the way you do business and reduce tedious work for your system administrators. 

Blue Chip is responsible for over 700 companies in the UK and overseas and we have strengthened our relationship with IBM, becoming a Managed Service Provider with expertise in IBM i, AIX, and Z operating systems. We’ve also been awarded the status of Platinum IBM Business Partner. Our core business is built around the IBM Power Systems platform, which is typically used for the most important systems that any company runs.

The Blue Chip Cloud integrates with a number of ERP’s including: SAP; JD Edwards; MS Dynamix, and many others. Our cloud platform is currently integrating with these numerous ERP’s across a number of industries, including Banking, Finance, Pharma Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, and many more.  

If your organisation is eager to make the move over to our fully PCI-compliant Power Cloud, our talented technical team is on hand to help every step of the way. We can learn more about your existing setup and the challenges you face, before providing the correct solution and best possible migration plan.

You can learn more about us and how we can help you by calling +44 (0)1234 224400. Alternatively, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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