What does cloud control mean to Blue Chip?

What is cloud control?

According to Techopedia, “Cloud security control is a set of controls that enables cloud architecture to provide protection against any vulnerability and mitigate or reduce the effect of a malicious attack. It is a broad term that consists of all the measures, practices and guidelines that must be implemented to protect a cloud computing environment.”

During lockdown, we excelled at ensuring cloud control. Many cloud service providers don’t have access to the data centres which housed the underlying cloud technology, which left their customers at a serious disadvantage.

Our data centres adhere to the most stringent security standards. As well as following a 7-layer access process, we are PCI-accredited for managed services and consider safety at every step, from widespread encryption to extra protection against DDoS attacks. We also offer a range of bespoke backup and recovery solutions, ensuring that in the event of a disaster, no customer’s IBM Power System is left in a vulnerable state.

What is the meaning of cloud control?

For us, cloud control isn’t just about the security measures needed to protect against virtual attacks (although this is a large part of it). It’s about having control over everything; from our cloud infrastructure to the data centres themselves and the experts who keep them optimised.

Control over data centres & staff

At Blue Chip, we own our data centres and they’re run by our own staff. Employing and upskilling our own people allows us to be in control of our supply chain and deliver a lifelong, consistently excellent service to customers. MSPs that rely on contractors simply can’t guarantee the same level of continuity.

“MSPs that use contractors and rent their data centre relinquish control when something fails,” explains Chris Smith, Sales Director at Blue Chip. “Our two data centres, which we own the lease on, are Tier IV and III by design, so we can guarantee the highest levels of uptime and availability and our in-house team can deliver systems remotely.”

How do you know if an MSP is in control?

As well as having the necessary security accreditations and credentials, Chris recommends asking the following questions to determine whether an MSP is really in control:

  • Do they own their own data centres?
  • Who are the third parties in the supply chain?
  • Do they employ their own staff?

“When we talk about being in control it’s just not about being in control of the environment; it’s the infrastructure within it and having the ability to invest in it continuously,” continues Chris. “We’re probably the only MSP in the UK with ISO 22301 for business continuity. We had our plan in place when we went into lockdown and the transition to remote working went smoothly for us, and as a result, for our customers.”

If you’re considering transitioning your IBM Power applications (legacy or otherwise) to the cloud, feel free to get in touch with Blue Chip for a free consultation. As we own, run, and maintain many IBM Systems, we have a unique standpoint to advise from.  We’re an IBM Gold Business Partner and have been providing cloud services on the IBM platform since 2005 when it was known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).


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