What do 34 million boiled kettles and Blue Chip have in common?

The answer? Sustainability.  

Power! It’s something we try to save day in day out, whether you’re turning off all the lights in the house or cycling to work. You want a smaller carbon footprint. We at Blue Chip support this ideology and believe in the necessity for greener IT in business.

Blue Chip has one of the most energy-efficient data centres in the world. Our industry-leading 1.1 Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) rating, coupled with our patented eco-cooling system helps us provide customers with unbeatable service and ethical solutions to energy wastage.

We all know that sustainability should be at the core of every business’s corporate social responsibility, unfortunately, some are only interested in profit. But not us, we care about ethical business practices and maintaining our planet for future generations to enjoy. We did some research and found that the industry standard for PUE as of 2019 was between 1.5 and 1.7, significantly higher than data centres like ours. To make these figures a bit more relatable we came up with some interesting conversions that really highlight the difference that these power usages can make.  

By choosing Blue Chip as your data centre provider, you will reduce the amount of annual electricity you use within your supply chain by 2.7 million kilowatt hours (Kwh). This is enough energy to boil 34,401,174 kettles. That is the equivalent of powering all the kettles in Manchester for over two weeks. Imagine that.

That’s the difference that Blue Chip want to make. We want to help reduce this waste and make your business more renewable. Blue Chip believes in sustainability at our core, always trying to think of new ways to save energy.

If you’re looking for a new data centre or just want to lower your carbon footprint, get in touch today. We won’t just help you get closer to being carbon neutral, we’ll also provide a quality service at a reasonable price


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